No. 230 – On The Importance of Earnest Criticism and Dissent !

No. 230 – On The Importance of Earnest Criticism and Dissent !

There is a lot that we can learn from the reformed Japanese Education as well as from this video: That it is very very important to nurture Disagreement, Criticism, Dissent, Contrary Points of View, Independent Opinions, and not just create agreeing Patriotic Robots, Automatons, Yes-Men, and Secretive Anonymous War-Mongering Ignorant Faith-Full Loyal Patriotic Racist Puppets and Uneducated Warriors and Brain-Dead Soldiers and Security ROBOTIC Cyborgs and brain-washed NEO Neo-Nazis under any guise like in the ROYAL REPUBLIC OF CANADA is “THE” Royal NEO Neo-Nazi RACIST SATANIK STATE with Humanoid-Drones in Royal Government, Royal Police, and Royal Forces and Blessings of The Noble Savages, Devils Advocates and Satan’s Cheer-Leaders and Ministers, and very very obviously not at all forgetting CANADA’S Secretive Satanik Jury, and CANADA’S Secretive Satanik Jurors, Canada’s Secretive Satanik Conjurors, and CANADA’S Secretive Satanik Legislators and CANADA’S Devils in their many Guises and Disguises and all manner of Canadian Secretive Satanik Habits, and are moreover Retarded Insane Canadian BLOOD-THIRSTY VAMPIRES, and Canadian LEECHES and Figurative Greedy Canadian CANNIBALS High on Hard Canadian Drugs and an Assortment of Candian Slave-Drivers and their IN-BRED IGNORANT and BRAIN-DEAD CANADIAN MUPPETS & IN-BRED IGNORANT and BRAIN-DEAD CANADIAN PUPPETS ! !

Germany has historically and always had, and always will have a problem with Immigrants, Aliens, and Undesirables trying to Integrate into their PURE and Unblemished society. Also it is disappointing to see Germany’s education system still run in the Spirit and Letter and Deed of the Third Reich, though they were supposedlky weeded-out by the Jews themselves in the Nuremberg Witch-Hunts to the point where all the Nazis and Sympthathizers were taken to trail for war crimes. Are there new Neo-Nazis, and if so where are they and who are they, and WHY are the so-fast asleep ?

So it raises interesting observations and questions about Nationalism (eg. who is a National, who is a Citizen, who is Native, who are Immigrants, who is a Resident, who are PEOPLE, and What are Humans and why are “Humans” so STUPID), Patriotism, Ethnicity, The Longing for Belonging, Association and Associates and Members and Membership, and Racism, and Xenophobia, and also the Fear of Differences and Unique Identity and Personal Expression and Tolerance and Inclusion outlawed by The Authorities and their Puppets in Governments and Communities and even in Families, Targeting, The Focusing of Hatred and Violence, Alienation, Segregation, Separation, Exclusion, Isolation,  on those who are Different or branded as Different by the Indifferent SUPREME AUTHORITIES and their Grand-Masters and the Role Played by the Police, and Security Personnel, and Departments of Immigration and Citizenship, and the Abysmal FAILURE of Education, Politics, Religion, Schools, Work-Places, Ministries of Labour being OUTRIGHT Failures with complete LACK OF REGARD AND UNDERSTANDING AND ANY IOTA OF INTELLIGENCE OR COMMON-SENSE WHATSOEVER and utilizing ‘Round-up’ Final Solutions for ONCE and for ALL.


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