No. 230 – Taking Racism & Exploitation to the Extreme Level, Royal Canadian Style…

Draft outline:

  1. Genetics:- Targeted and discriminatory and prejudicial Retardation, Disfiguration, Mutation, Crippling, Deformation, profiteering racketeering, born to be different and Disadvantaged and Unfortunate…
  2. Crimininalization
  3. Loss of Freedoms
  4. Denial
  5. Ignorance
  6. Lack of Regard
  7. The Fascist State as a Totalitarian Dictator and Despot
  8. Oppressive and Draconian Laws
  9. Religion and Military Rule and Absolutism and use of force and Torture
  10. Prohibition
  11. Creation of Poverty by Exploitation & Usurping & Usury
  12. Deception, Deceit, Misrepresentation, Falsehoods, Fabrications, Censors.., Moderators, Perfect Prefects
  13. A show and Proof of Insanity and Madness Most Foul

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