No. 224 – Anonymous Muppets Association of Canada (trading as CDDA)

No. 224 – Anonymous Muppets Association of Canada (trading as CDDA)

I Received a Call from Anonymous Muppets Association of Canada, who didn’t leave a voice message, then I phoned back the number, I got a recording that the NUMBER is OUT-OF-SERVICE.

After a while the MUPPETS OF CANADA and Canadian Drug Dealers Association (CDDA) and their Masquerade of Irregularities and Frauds and HARASSMENT and UNWARRANTED TARGETING and Misconduct and Malfeasance and Gross negligence becomes very VERY evident and Apparent and Utterly Boring and ABHORRENT and Dismal and Despicable and the Cover-Up’s are not only SHAMEFUL and ATROCIOUS but DISGUSTING, and displays the STUPIDITY of the NUMB-SKULLS and FREE-LANCE BUTCHERS and THUGS and DACOITS for HIRE and VOLUNTEER BUTCHERS and SILLY MORONS GONE BERSERK who are a DANGER TO SOCIETY and THE PUBLIC.

<b>And Lo and Behold, a sight to marvel at and be dumb-founded at, all the Police and Policing Mechanism, like BLIND SHEEP HAVE ALL GONE ASTRAY and are in TOTAL BEWILDERMENT !<b>

<b>We don’t need this CRAP and BULL-SHIT AT ALL, and I WON’T PUT UP WITH IT, and encourage it by SILENCE and just sit and do nothing HOPING and PRAYING that The Pranksters will go away AUTOMATICALLY !


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