No. 222 – The Muppets of the Authorities:

No. 222 – The Muppets of the Authorities:

I have very little respect for The Authorities and its Draconian Despotism and Fanaticism and Tyranny and Terrorism. Spying may have it’s uses, but I have never seen even One instance in which Spying Saved lives or Protected the Helpless or Vulnerable Children, or Averted Crime, or Benefited Humanity, or Protected The Public. The Authorities are Exclusive and Clandestine Investors, Operators, Dealers, Hustlers, Highly Trained and Skilled BUTCHERS, PIMPERS, TRAFFIKERS, MURDERERS, Satanists, Devil Worshippers, Torturers, Anonymous Hackers, Clandestine Masqueraders, Brokers, Middle-men, Hench-Men, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Launderers, Sorcerers, Wizards, Magicians, Associates, and Illusion Artists, Bullet-Proof-Monks and Priests, Mercenaries, Assassins Creeds, Black-ops, Devil’s Advocate s and Conjurors and Barristers, Hell-raisers, Dons, and Muppets from Hell whose SOUL business is MAKING MONEY regardless of consequences, because they only DIRECT, The Muppets Pull the Strings, and The Carrots, and Sticks and Kiss Asses, and are Just Disposable and Recyclable Muppets of No-Consequence whatsoever, but are given the Illusion of God-like Importance through Award Ceremonies, and Bonuses, and Commissions, and Perks, and Gifts, and Rewards, and Awards, Medals, FLAGS, Rings, Company Cars, and various Ego Inflaters and All-Expenses-Paid-Round-Trip-Ego-Trips. I have a good Suspicion that this Data Mining was to find some evidence of Occult Rituals and Activities and Hideous Crimes and Criminal Frauds, that The Authorities were trying so hard to HIDE and DELETED and it was so INCRIMINATING and COMPELLING that THE Authorities were prepared to go to Any Lengths to FIND and DESTROY that Evidence and Data, and Facts, and prevent in from SEEING THE LIGHT of DAY, that’s how SICKO the AUTHORITIES and their Patriotic and Loyal and Blind and Intoxicated Agents and Guards and Guardians and Dogs and Hounds are and because they work the do is Classified and Top-Secret and on a NEED-TO-KNOW-BASIS, thus the Muppets never know WTF they are doing or where TF they are going and can even drop a Bomb on Innocent Little Children who are unawares or even Burn Heretics Alive or Drown or Be-Head or Dismember or Dis-Card them. What do they care, they only follow directions, either that or Termination: Pink Slip or Extermination !

As far as I am concerned, they can ALL go to Hell on a One-Way-Ticket, and so on and so forth !


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