No. 221 – Self Professed ORIENTAL Supreme Authorities

No. 221 – Self Professed ORIENTAL Supreme Authorities:

It is sad, and the destruction is terrible.

But Jesus, what is the point of giving Hurricanes and Natural Phenomena Biblical names of Prophets and Patriarchs who are long gone and whose legacy only remains in History Books and Bibliotecas, why propagate ORIENTAL Judeo-Christianity in everything even in weather and scientific phenomena and even War? Who is responsible for this evangelism and crusades?

It is very awful when some people have to use and harness combined good and bad (evil) forces jointly, just to stay in power and live lavish lifestyles of pomp and LUXURY and splendour!

Touch wood, and knock on Wood !

It is so pervasive and tiring and boring and silly as though nothing else matters and can be of any value or merit, just the Oriental Superstition and Myths and Folklore.

Just look at the retarded imagery, Matthew is overlooking and creating the destruction with his Biblical Hammer, Hammering away from his Bench on the Atlantic Coast, which corny writer’s schools and journalism schools trains Journalists to use the language and symbolism and imagery of the Oriental Bible of the Middle East ???  This type of BIASED writing is repulsive, and non-neutral, it is not journalism, it is preaching through sermons.  (Concerning the Journalism of Hurricane Matthew Hammering the Atlantic Coast).


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