No. 220 ( 2 2 0 ) – The Present WORLD War on Good and Goodness by The Brother-Hood and Sister-Hood of Triple HEX and is so bad and Dreader than Dread itself

No. 220 ( 2 2 0 ) – The Present WORLD War on Good and Goodness by The Brother-Hood and Sister-Hood of Triple HEX and is so bad and Dreader than Dread itself

So presently we are watching the Brother-Hood of The Prince of Darkness waging TOTAL WORLD WAR on Good and Goodness common-sense and Reason and Freedom and Education and Knowledge, and unleashing Evil and Evil Forces to utilizing Toxic, Carcinogenic, Hallucinogenic, and Radioactive Chemicals and and Particles and Radioactive VIRUSES and Bull-Shit and Bat-Shit to Expand Lucifer’s Dictatorial Despotic Totalitarian Fascist Regime and cast Darkness and Ignorance and Profit from the Destruction and senselessness and Anarchy by awarding the reconstruction tenders to related companies and parties of The Fellowship of the Brother-hoods & Sister-hoods of The Triple HEX.

What a bunch of arrogant, ignorant and uneducated and lazy cowardly scum-bags, retaining armies & armies of ORDER of Ruthless Retarded Moronic Loonies and Turds and mesmerized Followers and Likers and The Enchanted Chanters and Worshippers and Discipliners instilling Discipline and FORCIBLE and Forceful submission in The Disciples and Devout Devotees as per the MISSION OF Forcible RE-LEGION Ministered and Administered and Executed by Holy-Remote Controlled Muppets acting on Holy-Orders under Holy-Oath of The Worshipful Masters of The Assassins Creed in Ambitious Lucifer’s Government of Satanists whose Hearts and Minds are filled with HATE, SOOT, IGNORANCE, and EVIL, and it’s HOLY INQUISITION must be STOPPED and ABOLISHED.

How can the S. S. (Secret Societies) be Commissioning, Perpetrating, Covering-up Rituals, Sorceries, Alchemies, and doing and covering-up Human Rights Violations, and Restricting, Prohibiting, and Gagging Freedoms under Secrecy, Oaths, and Binding Contracts and the PUBLIC are like Mad Blind Sheep Paraded for Slaughter and Grilling and Clueless and Unconscious?

It really makes One wonder who are the bigger Morons, The Public Itself or The 55 Secret Societies (55SS)?

How can THEY be allowed and permitted to Design and Produce and Modify Hybrid Humans and Organism whilst the Public is Ignorantly Fast=Asleep, it is SO IN-HUMAN and Cruel?

2 2 0


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