No. 219 – Rise of Re-Legion and the Assassins Creed and The SATANIK MEN in Black of Zion in Babylon.

No. 219 – Rise of Re-Legion and the Assassins Creed and The SATANIK MEN in Black of Zion in Babylon.

It is a very sad victory due to the Forces of Monopoly-Theistic Religions. Religion and religious symbols (triangles, crosses, stars, moons, swastiks, swstikas, tikkas, shields, swords, cannons, cavaliers and Occult Numerology of Baalistic Mystics, Skulls, Bones, Skulls and Cross-Bones) send shivers up my spine, and I get scared when I see Religious Symbols in neighborhoods and corporations and Institutions and Government and on TV and Internet and hear preachers praying for our salvation and asking for money, and Catholic Schools and their apprentices in their uniforms and their beads and caps and holy-yokes and ancient beards of patriarchy.  The role of Re-legion is pervasive and being drilled more and more. Poor Humans have been brain-washed for more than 5,500 years (3500 before Christ, and 2000 there-after).  To undo that damage created is no easy task.  Muslims (mainly Arabs) are relatives of the people of the book and their DNA is the same, and the diet is the same, and the prophets are the dame and the doctrines of instructions to the Children of Abraham, Ham, Cunningham, Hamish, David, Moses, and Joseph and Mary, also the same.  Legally it prohibited to discriminate.  That is the problem, unless ALL religion is out-lawed as Superstition and Mythology and Folklore.  I feel sorry when I see people and children and especially women with their hair bound up and covered with cloth sheets for modesty and their parriarchs who are now getting taller and taller and the women smaller and smaller, leading them which their flowing beards folding prayer beads and using unkempt hair as a means of getting close to the Middle-Eastern Gods ruling from the Top of Mount Zion and creating all wars for Zionists to sell Arms and Weapons and Bombs to and Viruses to.  Catapaults and Stones pebbles and Sticks and twigs and Dung are and protest are no weapons of mass-destruction.  What are Jews doing in America and Latin America and Africa, and India and Vietnam and Australia and even Eurpoe and England when in fact they belong to Egypt (Egyptian out-casts)?  It is so shameful what Levant is preaching because of 55,00 years of unrelentless indoctrination by his Elders, why doesn’t he ask himself what he, and all the other Jews  is doing in and to America?  Look who is an ignorant fool now ?  The Jewish home-land in America, and England, and Uganda?   I feel that the all-the-Semites have a very big problem that they have made themselves into because now no one likes them and what they did and are doing with their ideologies and brother-hoods and breathren.  It is so sad this Rise of Religion and the Assassins Creed and The SATANIK MEN in Black of Zion in Babylon.  These are Historical facts.  Staking claims on the Moons in the Heavens, just imagine.  It is not to say that ALL Jews are Kosher Butchers (ritual slaughter) in The Dark Tower with The Silence of the Lambs*, and Loan Sharks, and Usurors, because there are also poor and bankrupt Jews and Victims of Jewish Gangsters and Jewish Doctors and SATANIK Devil Worshiping Jews who profit from the Blood and Flesh and Organs of other Jews and in fact Christ was Crucified to make an example of him and break him to teach humanity a lesson to never go against the ways of the elders, and also Mary and Tamara and Shoshannah and Sarah and other daughters in the hands of the Elders, as have those who were set alight and beheaded for using logic and reason and science and rejecting Creation, those learned Jewish Scholars of learning and letters were grilled by their fellow Jews as is still the case even today. While all the world and scholars in the rest of the world are totally clueless and oblivious numb-skulls* with no merit whatsoever or nothing to show for themselves either as artifacts, or ideals, or anything for humanity at large.  If a Society cannot protect Children, the Public and Humanity, then of what use is that Society, is it not then just a Devouring Beastly Monster with no Brains at all, eh ?


It cannot be suggested that The Devil (Biblical) can be apprehended and arrested by Mortals here on Earth in the Milky Way, because he also lives in the Hearts and Minds of his Disciples and Followers and Fellows and Members and Associates and Novices and Magis, Magistrates, Lawyers, Authors & Authorities, Wizards & Sorcerers & Apprentices, and Professors, Dictators, and Secretaries & Scribes, Commissioners, and Professionals and Lecturers and Representatives and Directors and Managers and Workers, Chanters & Enchanted, made of Flesh but without Souls or Brains or Human Qualities, and so the Disciples and Followers and Remote Controlled Muppets can be Identified and Arrested and Apprehended and Charged without Pardon and without the option of Bail and Indulgences and Bribes and need to be sent straight to Jail to be un-brainwashed and Corrected and made Safe Once again for participating in Society through Positive Education and Influences, and be also De-Toxified of Evil Ideas, Wickedness, and Chemicals and Also dropping of EGO through rehabilitation and a diet of wholesome and nutritious Holistic foods and drinking lots of water, and avoiding Junk-Food and Chemicals Concoctions, and reading lots of nondescript literature and books and magazines and also doing Community Service.  How is it possible to live in a society and international community with a majority of cannibals and vampires, and bats, and psychos?  How is it possible that everyone in Society is dead and only victims are alive?   How is it possible ???


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