No. 217 – With Regards to the Residential Schools, have we learnt anything of value 200 years later that can be applied to the present schools, in the School Boards, or is it just HOG-WASH?

No. 217 – With Regards to the Residential Schools, have we learnt anything of value 200 years later that can be applied to the present schools, in the School Boards, or is it just HOG-WASH?

This is the question that I pose to the Authorities and Peoples of Canada !

Is schooling better now or even worse?

It can be seen that Schooling is probaby worse, as I have seen, because:

  1. The School Boards have failed the Children of their communities because the Children cannot read, write, spell, count, comprehend, or understand or See of Hear
  2. Some of The Principals are complete Bullies and Some Teachers are control-freaks and behave like egotistical know-it-all Dictators, and yet others are SADISTS deriving pleasure Humiliating, and being Worshipped by Submissive Students and even the parents of the Students
  3. The School Council Appointments are rigged and Pre-Determined and Pre-Destined and take scant minutes.
  4. The Failure Rate at the assessment tests EQAO, CCAT etc. is far too high for the 21st century to pretend ignorance of knowledge and education
  5. Targeted Vaccines are administered Stunting Mental and Physical Growth and Retarding Development of Target Guinea-Pigs in communities being targeted
  6. Continual and Excessive Strikes and Administrative Battles are more like a War on Public Education to keep the Public Ignorant and under control and at bay
  7. Public Schools have lagged far far behind Religious Schools, Private Schools, and Preparatoy schools
  8. Superintendents of School Boards cannot justify their salaries from Public Funds and the Community Coffers and Community Chests when the failure rates are so High
  9. The Questions and Tests have been made into Esoteric and Mystical Riddles of Rhetoric and have the net result of being like Jim Crow Law Administration tests designed to fail segments and populations of Target communities and confuse the parents even further and make the parents teach their own children after work at home
  10. Fear and Authority and Force are being used and applied in Schools creating an atmosphere of Terror like in an Internment or Concentration Camp or Residentail Schools !
  11. Who is responsible for this Creation of Wealth, and Management and Administration of Control and Authority by Fear and Force – It is the Authorities who make up the Rules and keep changing the Rules and continuously keep removing accountability and transparency in order to have the upper-hand and be to be Over-Ruling and Over-Powering – THE AUTHORITIES and The Muppets who serve their Masters loyally, Patriotically and BLINDLY with absolutely NO REGARD for the Children, only for their salaries, positions, and ambitions and perversions.
  12. When someone tries to bring positive change, they are ignored, or bared, berated, or blocked, or moderated, or censored, or deleted or targeted or punished or frustrated or black-listed or hacked or ignored or isolated or blocked and their characters assasinated or fired and grilled or terminated !

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