No No No, everyone knows Syria and its position on the map since the beginning of time in 1947 in Paris, and Geneva, and London and the Jedis in Jeddah! Partly the failure is Politics and Imperialism, and partly it is the Role of Religion as a tool to control people and maintain strict authority in the Entire Near and Middle East through the Scriptures. The entire near and middle east is populated with so many fanatic assassins, butchers, and murderers and brothers, and so the enemy is within, and The ZIONIST Imperialist Capitalist is very happy with the “Self-Decimation” with little external effort. It is like a time bomb and levels the entire region with internal conflict with very little investment and little effort from outside. The Jedi forces launch Star Wars Invasions with the help of religious fanatics and level the region and depopulate it to prepare it for annexation and re-population and cultural replacement, with other TRIBES of brothers and sisters but with different indoctrination and ideologies beliefs and scriptures and rites and rituals, while the whole world is otherwise preoccupied with debt, sickness, depression, and knee-replacements, cancer treatments, diabetes, bankruptcy, and addictions, and marvelling at the Architecture and Palatial Citadels and Fortresses and Bastions and Institutions and Organization of Capitalism and Religion side-by -side. Sermons are preached and broadcast exalting freedom whilst walls are hastily being built to enslave people like cattle and beasts of burden and weeds to be uprooted and burnt alive and bombed to the stone age,  whilst people are busy tweeting and face-booking in protest.
…At the same time, on the other hand it not surprising that this War has NOT received coverage by the usual journalists and usual war photographers who are quickly dispatched to the front-lines to get the war photos and readership and sales and advertising and donations and awardss and charity, and also coverage by the usual news and photo agencies who are all collectively NEO-Zionist Sympathizers and NEO NEO-Nazi and NEO NEO-Fascist Sympathizers, supporters, and well-wishers and investors and Beneficiaries. Good God! what ZIONIST PERPETRATED COMMERCIAL and PROFITABLE GENOCIDE !

…It is such a sad and shameful chapter in Human History when Democratic Governments, International and Multi-National Institutions and Organizations, Non-Governental Organizations, Humanitarian Organizations, and The United Nations it’s Allies, News Agencies, Journalists, Reporters, Photographers, Magazines, and Braodcasters and are BIASED, and PREFERENTIAL, and PREJUDICED, and DISCRIMINATORY, and HATE-FILLED and GENOCIDAL demonstrating how much FULL-OF-SOOT the Human Heart and Mind can be and how VENOMOUS Human beings can ALL become with INDIFFERENCE.

…Also INSANITY, Mass-Madness, Wickedness, and Ignorance are not acceptable excuses for committing CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and War-Crimes and Mass-Destruction of Other Countries and Peoples and Criminal when Governments and agencies try to prevent, hinder, block, frustrate, hide, sabotage, censor criticism and condemnation from blogs such as this one of mine and bring harm not only to the blog, but the author as well, and the authors computer, and software accounts and pretend to be upholding Human Rights and Civil Liberties and Democracy when in fact they are no better than Demons and Monsters and Architects of Evil without Borders or Morality…


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