No. 206 – The Muppets from The Ivy LEAGUE:

No. 206 -The Muppets from The Ivy LEAGUE:

IVY league Vampires from the Very Real Citadels of Darkness and Sinister Knowledge.

Here is a specimen Muppet Vampire who has been sponsored by the Fellows of Mast-Holders and Stake-Holders to publish drivel on their behalf and brain-wash teenagers with pathetic propaganda and mind-control literature.

See the Aryan Blond Angel and the Sinister Raven Haired Witch.

See In the first sentence, the very first sentence, a very memorable sentence – carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed and planted, which has already predestined and INITIATED and sentenced HER and condemned her to be longing and waiting to be kidnapped, and humiliated, and bound, and tortured by the sadistic perverts from the Hallowed Chambers of The Ivy league who are Morphine, Opium, Heroin, Cocaine, and Crack-head and Dope-Headed addicted scholars in THEIR SATANIC RITES.

What trash and garbage and brain-washing racist propaganda and Royalties Levied!

BTW, WyTF use a Masonic FONT for “The School of Good and Evil” by Soman Chainani.

It’s as bad if not worse than Margaret Atwood’s “RAPE FANTASIES” which earned her The Governor General’s Award in Canada.

Truly a Pimper’s and PLUNDERER’s Paradise for the Natural Mystics of Zion in Babylon.


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