No. 204 – The 4th Wave of the Knights-of-Darkness-in-Broad-Daylight.

No. 204 – The 4th Wave of the Knights-of-Darkness-in-Broad-Daylight.

So now, the Knights-of-Darkness-in-Broad-Daylight, are waging their Major decisive battle of Belief, Religion, Revival of Faith, Subjection, Discipline, Following, Evangelism, Communion, Belonging, Bondage, Sadism, Humiliation, Oppression, Submission, and Corporal Punishment, Torture, Alchemy, and Indebtedness.

With dwindling numbers of Apprentices, and believers and faithful followers, and stake-holders, they have decided to increase their sphere of influence and control and
awareness and shrewdness to also include religions other than Christianity, and have included Roman Catholicism, Rastafarianism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam (Mohemmedanism), Sikhism, Prophets, Postulatists and Apostles, Postal Workers, Masons, Free-Masons, Slaves, Bondsmen, Rosicrucians, Templars, Shriners, Bishops, Deacons, Cardinals, Baptizers, and also Plumbers, Carpenters ,Rabbis, Rashis, Rishis, Weavers, Tribes, Tribal Elders, Welders, Mechanics, Fitters, Tilers, Teachers, Drivers, Pilots, Pilots’s Wives, Bush Pilots, Diplomats, Ambassadors, Gangsters, Bikers, Taxi Drivers, Truckers, Pushers, Pimpers, Guilds, Unions, Polices, Crucifiers, Forces, Executors, Security, Warriors, War-Lords, Militia, Intelligence, Inquisitioners, United Unions, Heads of States, United States, Kings of Kings, Gypsy Queens, Machiavellian Princes, Immaculate Princesses, Priests, Priestesses, High Priests, Wizards, VIP’s, Sorcerers, Analysts, Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers, Financiers, Bankers, Bank Managers, Investment Planners, Boards of Directors, Presidents, Citizens, Aliens, Stool Pigeons, Assets, Persons of Interest, Doctors, Hackers, Software Engineers, Programmers, Code Writers, Scribes, Editors, Censors, Banners, Suppressors, Butchers, Surgeons, Assassins, HIT Men, Millers, Brewers, Confectioners, Purveyors, Bakers, GMO Farmers, Quacks, IT Professionals, Anonymous Authorities, Fraternities, Sororities, Fellowships, Associations, Fanatics, Authors, Book-Keepers, Writers, Evangelists, Script Writers, Fabricators, Advertising Professionals, Knights, Mavericks, Thrashers, Cartoon Characters, Cartoonists, Illustrators, Actors, Story Writers, Screen-Play Writers, Singers, Poets, Musicians, Bands, Bandits, Pirates, Launderers, Magicians, Patriots, Auditors, Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Fiction Writers, and Trades People, and Blue-Collared Workers, and Grave-Yard-Shift Workers, Dwellers of Darkness, Dark Artists, Dark-Room technicians, Dark Humour Writers, Geneticists, Zoologists, Biologists, Pharmacists, Chemists, Alchemists, Influential Influencers of Influenza, Virologists, Orientalists, Nationalists, martial Artists, Stars, Super-Stars, Child-Stars, Journalists, Reporters, Auditors, Investors, Investigators, Special Investigators, Detectives, Spies, Justices, Jurors, Conjurors, Administrators, Lawyers, Advocates, Barristers, Solicitors, Counsel and Councils and Councilors, Magistrates, Commissioners, Ministers, and Prime Ministers, and Governors, Bar-Tenders, Infiltrators and Gardeners and Landscapers, Lecturers, and Professors and Teachers, Preachers, Pastors, Priests, Missionaries, Consultants, Management Consultants, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Sub Sub-Contractors, Tenderers, Astrologers, Psychics, Scientists, Mystics, Natural Mystics, Forgers, Counterfeiters, Bull-Shitters, Gurus, Pundits, Coaches, and Motivational Speakers, agents, agencies, representatives, executives, officers , foremen, henchmen, liars, compulsive liars, chiefs, in-chiefs, deputies, commanders, staff, staff-holders, mast-holders, masters, worshipful masters, and Lucifer Himself (the Machiavellian Prince of DARKNESS in broad daylight), and Ring-Leader of Fellowship of Conjuring and Sabotaging and Arsonist Vampires and Zombies and Illiterate Conjuring Scoundrels and Greedy Puppets & Muppets in Delirium and Hustlers, Cheap Illusionists, Falsifiers, Brutal Sadists, and Moronic Hackers and Reckless  Vandals, not forgetting their Most High Mistresses and Demonic Brainless Bimbos in Heat of the Night ad. infinitum.

They do enjoy to go to celebrate and have retreats, and award giving ceremonies for promotions, and recognition and increased responsibilities, in Las Vegas because
what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and is shrouded in Secrecy and Privacy for their security. Also they are now are initiating Toddlers and Infants, Children, Teenagers, Adults, grand-parents, Parents, and also Victims and Patients and Donors in their Ceremonial Ceremonies and Rites and Rituals and Campaigns in Broad-Daylight especially in the Streets, and also have dedicated broadcast channels on Radio and Television and Film and Video Games , and some TV channels include YTV, and TLC and some programs on APTN, and most advertisements, and some children’s books, and many comics for propaganda and mind-control and time-management and almost all .coms and many sitcoms.


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