No. 203 – The Unconscious Retarded Vampires:

No. 203 – The Unconscious Retarded Vampires:

How can A Government or Alliance of Governments Protect, Encourage, Support,
Finance, Manage, Market, and Profit from Mad-Scientists, who are altering DNA,
and causing behaviour changes in People (Humanity) and animals and plants, and
chemicals? How can these governments Retard people, and then use the very
retarded morons for scientific research to cripple, disfigure, dismember, and
to cause to be dependent of devices, medication, and support-workers? How can
this happen, and be allowed, and go undetected, and yet the Profits and
Profitability keeps soaring higher and higher like some experimental supersonic
jet? The public has to be severely retarded to fail to see this reality, even
after wearing corrective lenses, and hearing aids, and memory-boosters. How
can entire populations be so retarded that they fail to notice and prevent what
is happening, is it because they are benefiting from the PROFITS of their
investments, that they, like Cannibal, and Man-Eaters, and Vampires have
acquired a taste for human blood, and go to great lengths to suck -up-blood
from unsuspecting victims in their communities and families? Is it that, like
Vampires, they only work under the cover of Darkness, and also cannot look
themselves in the eye, in a Mirror? Is it that they are unconscious? Or are
they conscious but compulsive and obsessive blood-thirsty leeches, parasites,
and vampires and predators? How can entire Ministries of Health be unaware of what is being perpetrated, HOW CAN THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION BE SO BLIND AND DEAF AND DUMB AND UNCONSCIOUS?, How can the Ministry of Education FAIL to see the Failing and falling children? How can the Ministry of Statistics and Trends and Plots,
fail to see, the dots, let alone to join them and see THE PLOT being Plotted?
How can innocent people be PROFILED, TARGETED, CRIMINALIZED, and VICTIMIZED only based only on suspicion, of haunches, or gut-feeling without facts, compelling evidence, or exhibits (not planted evidence) out of Hate, Malice, PREJUDICE, Bias, Discrimination? How can the Police, and Security, and Forces BEAT-UP, RAPE, TORTURE, and MURDER Minors and People and treat them like SCUM, and Scum-bags? What are the IDIOTS in Parliament thinking, and doing, and pretending to be doing? Can they not see what the Thieving Professionals are doing in the Medical, Legal, and Other Professions? Can it not be seen what the thieving politicians are doing with public funds (The C0ffers)? How can it be that ENTIRE POPULATION are Blind, and deaf, and dumb, and retarded whilst the perpetrators go to RETREATS to celebrate their Victories and Award Ceremonies for having finished all their targets, and in fact having surpassed all the QUOTAS, and BROKEN “ALL” ‘Records’ in record-keeping?


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