No. 202 – Blessed and Authorized Murder-in-cold-Blood and Mass-Murder and Slaughter by The Butchers and Terminators and Assassins Creed and Knights of Darkness at Noon and Ministry and Ministers of Kesho and tribal DODos in Babylon.


No. 202 – Blessed and Authorized Murder-in-cold-Blood and Mass-Murder and Slaughter by The Butchers and Terminators and Assassins Creed and Knights of Darkness at Noon and Ministry and Ministers of Kesho and tribal DODos in Babylon.

It is a sad record and reminder that Man has the capacity, however intellectual and civilized and learned, to become an Animal and Tormentor and Predator and Brute. The Torture and Torture chambers of the Inquisition of the Catholic Church are ALSO reminders of what LEARNED Men are capable of doing to Mankind, as are the Geneticists with Genetic Corruption going on now, and Retardation and Crippling of people and children using Toxic vaccines, and Insulin (Bayer) for starving and dismembering people for the purse and pursuit of PROFIT. Big Pharma has enslaved people to their manufacturing of Narcotics, and Medicine by making people get addicted and dependent for life-support. The Execs. at BIG Pharma are no altruistic and philanthropic angels of charity and virtue, they Are Monsters and Predators who destroy peoples lives to make money out of the suffering and misfortune of Mankind.

It is still going on in a new guise, with the blessings of the Investors and Shareholders. The Manufacturers of the War Machines are still at full production, where the production of bombs, missiles, bullets, weapons, nuclear weapons and war-heads, mines, artillery, chemical and bio-warfare is still underway and in use, but no one is going to those factories now and photographing their Board of Directors, and Shareholders, and Employees, though they are Mass-Murderers whose products and weapons are being used for mass-slaughter and genocide. There are so many wars going on right now but the Noble Philanthropists are nowhere to be seen or found, and the politicians are acting just the same when they authorize the use of bombing and invasions and stormings, because most of the damage (collateral damage and “friendly-fire”) is to the innocent who are not soldiers but civilians who are not at war and are unarmed and just trying desperately to survive and have a better life. Look at all the American and European Wars and NATO and see how they are massacring the innocent, it is exactly the same, it is still genocide but in the Theater of War (The Killing Fields).

Some activists and Citizens protest and Occupy, but the agenda and manifesto and mission remains undeterred, the butchers are deaf, people and soldiers must be slaughtered and new bombs and bombers be manufactured with the improved technologies and killing and harming capacity and incapacitating. The leaders of the United Nations continue to go to their cocktails and luncheons and sessions and convene special sessions to do absolutely nothing, they cannot resurrect or raise the dead and do absolutely nothing to stop the carnage, and murder in cold blood by their very own countries and members states of civilized democracies and make no attempt at all to stop the manufacture of weapons and bullets. It is a parasitic symbiosis of leech and victim and said relationship and is also fueled by the Media and The Machiavellian Charlie, The Fool on the Hill, his Allies and Cronies, and Muppets. Most people are quite blind for having failed to detect and recognize the NEO Neo-Nazism and Rise of Oriental Mythological Monotheism Revival that is taking place reight now, and the rise of the 3rd Reich, and The Assasins Creed, and the SS with all the surveillance, and records, and tabs, and nationalism, and ignorant Patriotism, and Patriots and Patriotic Patriarchs, and Xealots, and Terminators, and Contractors for Killing and Assassination, and Rise of Patriarchy and Despotism and Facism, and Religious Fundamentalism of the Orient and Meddle-Eastern Monotheistic Mythology and Fanaticism and Ignorance and return to Genesis through Genetics.
Supplementation of authority and control (Despotism and Dicatorship) by THE Religious Medival Authorities – The coming of KESHO and tribal DODos in Babylon.


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