No. 200 – IMPRISONED Prisoners of Apartheid and Segregation and Racial Purity Laws

No. 200 – IMPRISONED Prisoners of Apartheid and Segregation and Racial Purity Laws:

The IDIOTIC Beast in The Middle-East (BRUT):

Here we can see and witness monumental architecture show-casing the extent of Madness and Insanity of God’s Chosen people who have, once again, become utterly wicked, and sinful, and greedy, and gone completely raving mad.

And the Architecture and Cultural Heritage tells and educates successive generations and casual observers, in volumes, how wicked and stupid and demented and DETERMINED these people are. This site MUST be preserved INTACT as UNESCO CULTURAL HERITAGE Site for Future Generations to LEARN from “LEST WE FORGET”.

See the Prisons they have fabricated and fashioned with their very own grubby hands to Frustrate, Imprison, Enslave, Hinder, Immobilise, Paralyse, and Torture other human beings who have an equal right to Existence and Survival, and Livelihood, but No, not these Holy Idiotic Uneducated Zealots and Blind Fools, these selfish nut-cases want it all for themselves exclusively.

Thus, incensed and fuming and lamenting, they want to build bigger and bigger walls, and wire-up more and high-voltage electric fences, to Bar and Barricade and become Barbaric and lay miles of Barbed Wire and Prohibit, and dig ditches and trenches, and lay land-mines, and use more tanks, and helicopters, and missiles, and atomic bombs, and poisons, and toxic vaccines, and bio-warfare, and indoctrinate children and priests into Robotic Killing Machines, and Terminators, and Executors, and Butchers, and Bombers, and Fighting Fanatics, and Men-in-Black, and Ignorant and Uneducated War-Heads and UNIVERSAL good-for-nothing else Patriotic Religious SOLDIERS to fulfill the Prophesy and Covenant and Terms and Conditions with Good God Himself who sitteth on Mount Zion and Rule All Creation in the Whole Entire Cosmos, let alone this Solar System or Middle East, and collection of Two-Bit United Nations, United under ONE God, in whom they lay their Trust and Faith of Butchery.

These Unlettered Butchers know nothing, absolutely nothing about Human Rights, or Universal Freedoms, or Humanity, or Civilisation, Compassion, or Tolerance, or Understanding, or War Crimes or Crimes against Humanity, or Democracy, or Human Rights, or Diversity, or Consciousness, because their Leaders and Elders and Advisiers are Draconian Draculas incensed and fuming and raving MAD. This is such Tragic Shame for the REST of Civilization who are POMPOUS enough to think that they are Civilized when in fact they are no better than Savages or Unremarkable Animals or a Band of Bandits or BRUTS.

As in the distant (Biblical) and near past, and even present, we continue to witness abhorrent Commandments, commanding and controlling THE Tribe to preach the Codification and Enactment, Legislation and Nationalization of National Natural Hatred and Discrimination and Segregation and Persecution and Oppression and TORTURE and Tort Laws in very many pathetic guises in this day and age.  The Biggest worry and problem is that the influence of the Fervent Zionist is so Pervasive and Influential and Compelling and Forceful and Mandatory that escape and freedom is so hard and futile because the propaganda and brain-washing is RELIGIOUS, CULTURAL, SOCIETAL, NORMAL NORMS, DOGMA, GOVERNMENTAL, NATIONAL, and Policies are PRONOUNCED, DECREED, PROCLAIMED, ORDERED, MANDATED and MANDATORY, COMPULSORY and COMPULSIVE and OBSESSIVE, and DICTATED DESCRIBED PRESCRIBED AND TRANSCRIBED, and so the HATRED gets engrained in the very fabric of Zion and becomes strongly BELIEVED as Truth and common-sense and a way-of-life, when in fact it is Madness and HATRED and MALICE and NONSENSE and sheer PRE-JUDICE whilst ALL the CONNIVING Intellectuals, Philosophers, Legislators, Writers, Authors, Authorities, Professionals, and Justices and Doctors of JURISPRUDENCE are DOCTORING JUSTICE and HUMAN RIGHTS and are “ON A TRIP” and PLAYING DEAD and The Geneticists recently have started DOCTORING the Human GENOME and DNA of “The OTHERS”. In fact, it is a fact, and that that this is nothing New for someone who is CONSCIOUS and COGNIZANT of the facts.  So it’s The Law behind it, isn’t it IT?

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