No. 199 – The New Rise of the same OLD Evil Forces


No. 199 – The New Rise of the same OLD Evil Forces

Rise of EVIL and Evangelism and Religious Revival of Submission and SUBJUGATION by Draconian Elder/s of Ham & Ur & Rabai and Kesho and Apprentices and Slave Drivers and Sorcerers, and Wizards, CONJURORS, and Knights of Darkness in Broad Daylight and rise of Perverted Disciplinarian Anonymous Authorities of SADISM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Whipping, FLOGGING, Nakedness, and Thongs, and Masochists with Chains and Mace in Kingdom of New Zion in Babylon enslaving not only BODIES and SOULS, but also MINDS …..Cheered on and LIKED, Encouraged, and Supported and PROMOTED and PROTECTED by Ding-BATS with Biblical TABLETS, Faithful BLIND Believers, Disciples, Followers, Worshippers, and HUMILIATED Slaves
and Police and Forces of EVIL,
that the Forces may be with them,
and indeed be THEM (The Wicked and Evil FORCES of Darkness and Ignorance and MOLESTATION in Broad Daylight on the Streets and in Public Places and Public Spaces)!

The Rise of the INQUISITION INSTITUTION and Inquisitors, Dons, and Esquires, and Squires, and ALL-KNOWERS and know-it-allers, Torturers, and Executors, but NOT of enlightened Men and Women of reason, learning, inquiry, dissent, academia, and education.


Last but not least, the greatest credit and the awards go to brainless, brain-washed, and brain-dead ROBOTIC and Automatic Faithful and Zealous Devious Sinister Monstrous Moronic Patriotic SPIES hiding under-the-covers and in-hoods in the neighbourhoods, not forgetting the DEAF, and BLIND Monitors….

Say your Last Prayers and hope to be saved from this Damnation…


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