No. 196 – MICRO$OFT and The $wa$-tikka

No. 196 – MICRO$OFT and The $wa$-tikka

Micro$oft is not good and neither is Bill Gates, I don’t like the Windows logo that OBVIOUSLY and UNMISTAKABLY looks EXACTLY like a $WA$-TIKKA, and the legacy of IBM is no good either, just like Bayer and ALL the PERMANENTLY Failed Pancrea$e$ and In$ulin. they are neo neo what have you’s and are the cult of 911, 55, hex, and SS and $$ and Men-In-Black and Pure BRAHMINS and THE REAL ARCHITECTS OF THE DAWN OF DARKNESS AND BONDAGE and Construction/Destruction/Reconstruction/Resurrection. Sadly and tragically and factually they can and ALWAYS get away with anything and everything and have FULL support of investors and the FULL SUPPORT of The LAW$ and LAWYER$ (ON PAYROLL) and AUDITOR$ (also on payroll and Retainers) and JUDGE$ and CHIEF JUDGE$ as well. FTS. THE INDIANS in microsoft are no charitable INNOCENT pious angels either. neither is google and ALPHABETA INC a DIVINE INNOCENT ANGEL or Muse OF KNOWLEDGE OR FREEDOM or Independence.
Just imagine a Monopoly of telecommunication, and Ma$$- Media (Internet) and Broad-Ca$t (control over centrally controlled PROPAGANDA) and also THE WAR-MACHINE and ALSO “Home-Land $ecurity in Babylon”, and record-keeping, and archiving and back-ups and controlled-failures-for-profit. These are some very very serious MONEY MAKING EMPIRE$ and Temples of Profit employing very very FAITHFUL and unethical Greedy individuals and religious EXECUTIVES (obviously PROFILED and possessing the requisite Bio-Metrics to a be a perfect fit within the TEMPLE$ OF PROFIT) with very very LOW MORAL$ and No Ethics or Consciences whatsoever. Look at the Annual Reports and Financial Statements and $UPER-PROFIT$ and unreconcilabe Growth and Mergeers adn Acquisitions, HOW does it make sense AT ALL ??? Why should we pretend to be Ignorant Idiots and Fools ???  This is more of Racketeering and Organized White -Collar Crime !


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