No. 190 – Royal Assent; or, Any Time is Tea Time – Fine Tea at High Tea (Catering for the Needs and Necessities of the Nobilitity):

No. 190 – Royal Assent; or, Any Time is Tea Time – Fine Tea at High Tea (Catering for the
Needs and Necessities of the Nobilitity):

The problems are insurmountable, and are always the same everywhere, the haves and have nots, the labourers, unemployment, cost of living, exploitation, taxation, revenue, representation, its the same shit the world over, Canada, America, Latin Americas, China, India, Pakistan, Middle East, Russia, Greece, Ireland, England, Africa, Saudia Arabia…

It is true that Canadians are more tolerant, than the US and some supremacist European countries, and far far better than many others.

I wish as a priority Canadians make a democratic, accountable, and transparent government that champions Human Rights not only for others but especially for the First Nations and Indigenous peoples in particularly, and sever ties with the Crown Royals and earn an honest and ethical living and at the same time not be a Puppet or Drone of the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia and also reduce the emphasis of Religion in daily life and at schools and find ways and means of reducing Jewish Control and Monopoly and Culture.

So W_, this is quite an interesting discussion because it makes us think about the extent and scope of Democracy in Canada.  Now we cannot dismiss Canada’s Socialist and Welfare Government modelled after U. K.’s providing for the welfare and need of teh subjects, labourers, taxed, consumers, and victims as well.  These Governments would have anarchy were it not for the “free” social services – Education, Medical, Care for the Homeless and Disabled family Members, and Pensions – without these, the subjects would certainly have been enraged and estranged.

But coming back to the point, is the provision for the necessities and needs and requirements of the refined taste and palate of the Aristocracy, the Nobility, and Barons, and Governors, and Administrators, and Executors, and Ministers and Honourable Officers and Mast-Holders and Staff-Weilders Guild.  Providing for these Homourable and Worshipful Masters is no small undertaking for the common-man and paupers and ordinary subjects trying desperately to subsist and exist and survive.

So we come the the Crux of the whole matter, which is: “Royal Assent” without which nothing can happen without the divine blessinmgs and nod of the Angelic Gypsy Queen of the Dominion of Civilization and Democracy – Her Imperial and Most Excellent Excellency.

Royal Assent takes the piss out of Democracy and turns it into a Dictatorship, because decisions are not made by representation of the constituents and subjects, but the over-ruling of the Masters and Rulers and Staff-Holders who can change the rules at anytime as they see fit and appropriate and opportune through their various advisors and viziers who are also shareholders and recipients and beneficiaries of interest and Royalties and Revenue and Commissions and Awards and Rewards and Wards and obviously those who under-stand.

Hence the passage of laws can ONLY BE undemocratic.  This is a very important point which only greedy and uneducated and ignorant people woud fail to see.  Anyone in their right mind with and with moderate education and a reasonable conscience cannot fail to see the importance of this, especially the lawyers who have created much of this mess and jargon and gibberish.  Of course there is law and order to legitimize the crime and robbery, but as a democracy, there can be no room for Royal Assent, what about the Will of the Citizens and Constituents?

This is why there is and has been the passage of Repressive and Oppressive Laws without regard for Human Rights or Morality or Conscience or Ethics, because their passageonce having received “Royal Assent” is Binding, Contractual, Compulsive, Bondage, and Irrevokable, it is Law.

Hence Canadians will remain and Billed as The Unconscious Civilization as Decreed by the Authorities Anonymous and and those attempting to bring about chage will be profiled and recorded and deemed to be Two-Bit Activists, and Protesters, Agitators, and Revolutionaries and Nut-cases for trying to make this a functional Democracy backed by a Constitution and Charter of Freedoms and Bill-of-Rights and Responsibilities!


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