No. 188 – Canadians’ dependence on The Messiah for Help from assorted Troubles and Afflictions

No. 188 – Canadians’ dependence on The Messiah for Help from assorted Troubles and Afflictions

Canadian’s are so dependent on waiting for The Messiah to help them over-come Budget Deficits, Poverty, Home-less-ness, Lack of Education, a Mis-Guided Ministry of Education and Ignorance, a Sinister Ministry of Health and Wealth Creation and Re-Distribution, a Judiciary of Injustices, the Re-Genesis of the Chosen Tribes by the Geneticists and Pharmacists and Infertility Clinics, DNA Corruption, the Media Watch-Dogs that attack and Silence Inquiry and Criticism, The Trend of Anonymity and Limited Liability by Persons and Corporations and Organizations, Police who are Killers-in-Cold-Blood and routinely perform extra-judicial killings and get away eacH-and-every-time especially when they brutally murder Juveniles, Adolescents, and especially the Unarmed, a Secret Service that Intimidates the Public and uses Psychological Torture Methods and proven tried and true Fascist and Nazi symbolology eg. use of: SS, 55, 911, 420, The Hex, and other Satanic Symbols and Icons of Devil-Worship.

So gullible Canadians Hope and Pray and Congregate to be preached-at by the Authorities that The Messiah is coming soon to save them from all Man-made Calamities, Mis-Fortunes, Head-Injuries, Malaises, Disabilities, to compensate for poor-education, to redress against Discrimination, to avail Lawyers who can give counsel for anything impossible under-Law.

The Messiah is NOT coming soon, because HE doesn’t exist….

Also there is some growing concern by some who are worried that Canadians are being genetically-modified and turned (or going to be turned) into 100% Canadian Bacon by the next generation, and they will not have the brains or intelligence to think, or figure out what hit them…

And there is NO Messiah, NO SAVIOR, what then ?

Also disconcerting is the fact that there will be FEWER tax-payers, and FEWER consumers, and FEWER victims, are more and more bills, and much lower Revenues, and much much more spending approved by the Authorities in The Divine Ministry of Finances and the Mint, where is the money going to come from, the Guardians and Knights-of-Darkness-in-Broad-Daylight will be ashamed to go to food-banks and wear tatters and accept hand-outs, and eat canned foods and get SPAM every day, and Sardines on Friday ?

Almost all remaining  would have voluntarily have relocated to the WEED-Belt, which they would regard as Paradise…


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