No. 182: Victims of Terrorism (Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing Incident, 1988)

RE:  Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing Incident, 1988.
Bombing Investigation — Scotland — Lockerbie — Case Studies.
Victims of Terrorism — United States — Case Studies.

Terrorism is sad and tragic.

With regards to Part I, my objection is that the person who is portrayed to be Gaddafi, being killed by the air-strike, does not look at all like Gaddafi, he doesn’t have that aging, and the hair growth pattern looks different. Further, there was no First hand testimony by the accused, we only heard of accounts of others but not from the accused themselves. This comes across to me as the JFK investigation, and the Princess Diana Inquiry and Investigation and Daniel Pearl and Julie Ward, and Norfolk Hotel (see:, and the crash of Ethiopian Airline flight 961, and Greg Criticos Rally Driver crash/murder, and Dan Eldon and Hos Maina and Other Journalists murdered in Somalia, The Burning Trains at Lac-Mégantic, and Paranormal activities of the Illustrious Sprits in the Material World, and the role, failure and support given by public-protection. It gives me the impression of gross deceptions, cover-up’s and treachery, and pathological compulsive Liars & Falsifiers , bonded Contractual Killers under-covers (Ghosts and Spooks) and as a result, the victims are gone forever, and cease to exist. It also makes me wonder about scandals like Anglo-Leasing, Goldenberg, and wonder about “The Assassins Creed” and “Black-Op’s”, “Collateral Damage”, and The Clandestine Fellowship of the Ring. Whilst the Knights of Darkness in Broad-Daylight are casting darkness at noon, the Blind Bats in Public-Protection and Defense & Police & RCMP & Scotland Yard and Intelligence are hopelessly groping in the void of ignorance and darkness and with the innocence and intelligence of clueless new-born-infants and toddlers. SO very sad…

The Horrific Investigation and the Complicity of The Swiss Angels:

With regard to Part II, It is so horrifying that ONLY Al-Megrahi was found guilty and given a life sentence, among so many innocent angels, and saints, amongst all the brokers, facilitators, suppliers, contractor, and even investigators. Switzerland is heralded as a Neutral country when in fact that is a complete lie and misrepresentation because of Swiss Secrecy and lack of transparency and accountability of Swiss Banks used for Money Laundering and financing. The fact that Swiss Meister & Bollier are purveyors to the Libyan Regime Terrorists, does that make them inocent angels with divine purity, not knowing that their devices will be used for detonation of portable bombs on civilian targets for MASS-MURDERS (Direct-on the plane; and Indirect-Residents of Lockerbie). The Swiss Government has to be completely comatose and wholly unconscious to detach itself from blame and liability and criminal involvement in mass-murder of civilians and the Swiss Public “Cheese-Heads” for not seeing this. The Swiss Army and intellligence have to be silly little clueless idiotic fools who have absolutely no knowledge or regard for what is going on in the world and what they and their government are doing. And Canadian Intelligence and Security, loyal unlettered Loonies for failing to read and comprehend what I have written, and for completely Failing to stand-on-guard for truth and public-protection !


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