No. 175 – Begging for Pardon

No. 175 – Begging for Pardon:

NO American (North, Central, and South) Politicians , Leaders, Officials, Contractors, Journalists, Businessmen, Authorities, Lawyers, Justices, Chief Executives, Directors, Presidents, Law Enforcement Officials, Detectives, WERE EVER or HAVE EVER been held to account for Crimes Committed against Humanity, or War Crimes whether in Direct or Indirect Participation or Sponsorship while in Office at a National Level or Inter-National Level. It is such a shame and blot on Humanity and a such an appalling disgrace to the Human Race and Humanity and the Human Species….They merely Beg Pardon, and are Pardoned by their Big Brothers….What Bull-shit….

And the rest of Humanity and rest of the Nations (and obviously The United NATIONS) and The Victims watch the Circus of Injustices with Bewilderment….


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