No. 173 – The divine Authorities (ANONYMOUS)

No. 173 – The divine Authorities (ANONYMOUS):

The divine Authorities Anonymous are the divine and definitive Authoritative Authors of Authoritarian Authority which is spelt-out, described, and inscribed by the Scribes in the Hallowed City Halls and Subterranean Chambers by the Judiciary in secret closed-door Gatherings, Meetings, Forums. Symposiums, and Sessions and Seminars and BRIEFINGS from which the Public is Barred, Prohibited, and Excluded.

It is truly Miraculous and so Fantastic that No One at all knows who The Real Authorities ANONYMOUS are and where they derive Their Authority from, perhaps from the sacred inscriptions and prescriptions and BRIEFS.

It also cannot be ruled-out that the News Bulletins and News BRIEFS are being Proclaimed and Announced and Pronounced and APPROVED and Administered, and Issued and ENDORSED and Broad-cast by the Ministry of Good News itself, and really, is there any bigger Authority than The Ministry of Good News ?

It truly is apparent, in fact, that The divine Authorities are not a part of the Government and have nothing to do with the Government but in deed are but an independent Body and Corporation and Establishment with its own Commissions having vested interests in their Investments rather than members and representatives of The Poor Public, and this is why the Authorities are ANONYMOUS and operating in Stealth at a Supra-Governmental Realm so that the Public is Mesmerized and Totally Clueless and Utterly Bewildered !


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