No. 172 – Dis-Carding CARDING:

No. 172 – Dis-Carding CARDING:

And ALL Carding should be Dis-Carded under the Presumption of Innocence, unless there is evidence of Guilt (Criminal record) … So that people don’t have to offer Indulgences, or Give Gift,s and Donations, and Charity,  or to Beg for Pardons, and Bribe to have a clean slate…The Books and Conduct needs to be cleaned-up first and foremost to restore our faith in the keepers of records in this paper-less trail-less age of UNACCOUNTABILITY by the Hoodlums and Hustlers in Government and the Mirage of Security in total INSECURITY and utter lack of Public Protection in the Inquisition modeled Governments and Controlled PRESS and MASS-Media churning out Drivel and Lies and One-liners on Twitter and Blurb!
Also what needs to be discarded are the relics of the Ancient Natural Mystics of the Dunes, which include but are not limited to:
Face Reading, Palmistry, Handwriting Analysis, Confessions, Tarot, Seance, Hypnosis, Psychic Forensics, Photo Interpretation, and Literary Analysis and Interpretation, and Admission of Guilt by Torture in PURGATORY…
Further, the Government, to foster impartiality and justice, should FIRE all officers belonging to Fraternities and Sororities and Organizations and Associations of Clandestine Longing for Belonging with hidden and Secret Agendas of promoting Hatred, Bias, Prejudice, Racism, Favouritism, Tribalism, Nepotism, Monopoly, and Brain-washing, Duress, and promises of Reward and Glory and POMP in Paradise…
The Government also urgently needs to set-up and FUND a Ministry for the Restoration of Democracy, and Accountability, and Transparency in the Rest of the Government, and SACK all officers who have Directorships in Corporations, whether Public or Private (to Prohibit conflict of Vested Interest), and this Ministry is to report to the Public and not the Government.And finally, voting must not BE RIGGED as has been the case, and lastly public officials MUST respond to each and every inquiry and correspondence from the Public who pay the taxes so that they (the officials) can send their childfren to school to learn how to be good citizens and learn to use the internet and learn about Democracy 101, and Accountability for Dummies, and the value of Public Protection in Modern Society.  And also learn about the Stupidity and Injustice and Hatred of Flogging in the name of the Lord and Land-lords!


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