No. 171 – The Rise of The Satanik Brother-Hood in Indian Cinema

No. 171 – The Rise of The Satanik Brother-Hood in Indian Cinema:



It seems Asura, is that of the Iranian Conquest of India, and the other symbolism of the Aryan Conquest and influence over India and Hinduism, the rest seems to be influenced by the Semitic Grand Grand Masters…While the movie is spectacular and fantastic, it is sad the direction in which mass media is going nowadays, probably reflects the mind-set of the times we are in and going into in it. Also the Directors and and story-writers are High ly motivate nd full of enthusiam and energy with all the Satanik Symbolism…Also we are witnessing the exploitation of the weak-willed and lacking will power and the Rise of Rape Culture and Torture using synthetic designer drugs and Monster Energy Drinks and Bang Bus…

Poverty, lack of education, ignorance, drugs, and this sort of influence is a sure-fire recipe for an Impending Imminent Inferno that India will not know how to deal with and will be consumed for sure…  It’s probably too late already…



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