No. 167 – Canada’s Wanting Accountability and Public Protection?

No. 167 – Canada’s Wanting Accountability and Public Protection?

It makes me wonder whether the RCMP are the perpetrators themselves?

RCMP never revealed how many samples were actually collected. WHY???

Why are they so “ALWAYS” so SECRET about the Secret Services they do for the Public and for Public Protection, is it because they are above the Law and routinely Circumvent the Law, and provide no in formation or evidence???

Is it because Canada is run like a Clandestine Military Dictatorship with unaccountable untouchables Devils in Power?

Is Canada’s Government’ s Accountability like that of Saudi Arabia’s, or Pakistan’s, or Israel’s ???

Is this a 2-bit Democracy of Gun and Taser Wielding Fanatics and Wand-Wielding Magicians who are High and in Power?

Accountability and Transparency and Public-Protection like Somalia, perhaps?

Or a bunch of Habitual Satanic Worshipers ???

Is Canada a Constitutional Democracy or Unconstitutional Demonic Hell ???

“Bloody Devils in Disguise”



Canada is really aspiring to surpass and excel the tragic Human Rights records set by : Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Israel and trying really hard to sink to the bottom of the Pit and enjoy remaining there.

“Bloody SADISTIC Devils in Disguise in a National CHAMBER of HORRORS and INJUSTICES”


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