No. 158 – Occupation 101 (or The Personification and Depiction of Insanity by Israeli Jews and unanimous and anonymous support of the Global Jewry and their Role in War-Crimes).

No. 158 – Occupation 101 (or The Personification and Depiction of Insanity by Israeli Jews and unanimous and anonymous support of the Global Jewry and their Role in War-Crimes).

I am horrified to have seen footage of Israeli Jews physically breaking bones and crushing skulls of unarmed Palestinian using Sticks, Stones, Metal Rods, and Rocks, just smashing away in some hysterical frenzy of insane patriotism and obedience to duty showing in full colour and sound how INSANE and DEVOID of common-sense or human-compassion they are as Human-beings. It was like watching some monster devouring helpless prey and reflects so badly for ALL ISRAELI JEWS and THE GLOBAL JEWRY to allow and support and promote and FINANCE this INSANITY. It is such a shame for them to consider themselves HUMAN, they are not they are INHUMAN and INSANE to allow this madness to take place in the justification of THE JEWISH CAUSE.

Don’t non-Jews have a right to live peacefully.

Their scholars and intellectuals and public are demented beyond reason and has a very hateful and a myopic view of the world and other people and races and cultures and nationalities which has been prescribed and preserved in their HOLY Books and Holy Laws by Insane Patriarchs and more insane followers and perpetrators and War-Criminals and Allies and Alliances.

Insane Jewry
Jewish Cause

The Responsibility of Fellow-Humans who are documenting horror and injustices:

What is the role of the camera-man or reporter or journalist whilst filming, recording, narrating genocide and torture and brutality being carried out, or perpetrated in front of the camera lens, and his or her own very eyes and ears, and what is the role of the documentor as a Human-being, is it to capture the reality without helping the victims to then show the spectacle to other in the form of hot news, and documentary, and broadcast the victims suffering?
Does that not constitute complicity in the crime itself?
Do human-beings have a responsibility to help and save other human beings from torture, and murder, and atrocities, and injustices, and exploitation, or is the role limited to an indifferent, and cold, and passive observer and documentor and chronicler with no regard to the welfare and safety of the subject being chronicled and further exploited regardless?

More ALARMING and DISTURBING is the silence of and the role of the American Natives by virtue of their INDIFFERENCE towards the suffering of Others, never once have I heard of ANY CONDEMNATION whatsoever, as though they are in their own little universe and separate reality !


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