No. 157 – Sick Minds, Zionism, Jews and Israelis, Palestine and Palestinians Squeezed into a Gaza Strip.

No. 157 – Sick Minds, Zionism, Jews and Israelis, Palestine and Palestinians Squeezed into a Gaza Strip.:

One upon a time there were no borders and people were people and there were the Philistines who were living in the land called Palestine until the Jews were expelled from EGYPT, and were led by Moses across the desert to the covenanted Promised Land, so they landed at the place now called Jerusalem, and David was their leader and he fought the Goliath,and occupied that land and progressively expelled the Palestinians who had been living there all along and displaced an entire peoples like they did elsewhere in Europe, Africa, the Americas, ALL the Islands, and Australia and New Zealand.

Everywhere they went, they authored laws to subjugate, decimate, and displace the native populations, and rape their land and plunder all the booty. This is the illustrious history of their god’s chosen people. It is a violent history with war, torture, Crucifixion, slavery, apartheid, SEGREGATION, Colour-Bar, thuggery, deception, fraud, and destruction. They are a dysfunctional people and are intolerant of other humans whom they see as sub-humans and swine because of their fixation on Purity and Ritual and Superstition and Mysticism and Fraud  and Racketeering and Piracy and Looting and The Common-Wealth from Others. Wherever they have gone, they have raised their own banners and flags, and rewritten history, and changed and enacted laws to usurp everything away from the Native populations. Read history to confirm before it is rewritten and destroyed, or shredded. With the facade of the United Nations and World Bank and International Monetary Fund and World Health Organization they continue to decimate and oppress people and rob them of their land and nation-hood and livelihood. What they are doing to Palestine, and in the Middle East with all the Wars only shows how sick in the head they are as a people building walls, torturing people, making people stateless, treating people worse than animals in a Zoo poisoning and bombing and shooting them and torturing them (and now REWRITING THE GENETIC CODE). Their minds are sick beyond recognition and redemption and are very INHUMAN. Shortly, if things do not change, the Palestinians will be erased, and so will Syria, and Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan Jordan, and Lebanon, to make room for the promised Zion BY Moloch. This intolerant species is the same that has made and used slaves, and is continuing to exploit humans, and traffik humans, and is continuing slavery under the euphemism of GLOBALIZATION whilst the blood of the poor is being drunk, they continue to amass wealth, capital, bloods, organs and body parts and souls because they themselves have NO SOULS and fraudulent justice and laws and a mockery of democracy, and utilize force and Nuclear Bombs for gain and profit and amusement.

They treat refugees worse than a disease or sickness and contain and quarantine people. They are so sick in the head as a people. Their leaders are preoccupied with robbery schemes and war and plunder and murder and genocide. They bar and ban and block and deport everyone else and are oblivious to their own crimes.

And are cloning themselves to multiply idiots and morons, on the one hand whist decimating and exterminating  others and cleansing and clearing land (people and nations and cultures) with the other hand …


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