154 – ZION-ISM, in a nut-shell

154 – ZION-ISM, in a nut-shell:

You must learn about ZION-ISM.  To do that You have to know about Their God, and How and Why HE chose them OVER and ABOVE all Other People and Races and Humanity.  All this is PRESCRIBED in their HOLY BOOKS.  Because of this ASSUMPTION of SUPREMACY and belief in RACIAL PURITY, the CHOSEN set out to DIVIDE, (SEGREGATION / APARTHEID / SLAVERY / EXPOLITATION) and CONQUER not only LANDS but PEOPLE as well, so you have COLONIZATION, COLONIES, in all CONTINENTS (Almost), THe RITUALS, RITES, HOLY DECREES, PROCLAIMATIONS, ACTS, BILLS, DRAFTS, LAWS, BY-LAWS, and now NEO-SLAVERY (GLOBALIZATION / CAPITALISM / SWEAT-SHOPS / traffiking of DRUGS & MINORS AND PHYSICAL AND SEXUAL EXPLOITATION Glorification of PIMPERs IN paradise etc. in The Quest for The PROMISED and COVENANTED Land and IMAGINARY HOME-LANDS, HOME-LAND SECURITY, as the Chosen have been brain-washed by all their religious propaganda and consequently have become MONO-MANIACAL and FANATIC and DELUSIONAL it trying to preserve their PURITY by SERGEGATION, and WALLS, and BARRICADES, and BARRIERS, and calling other UNCLEAN, and UNHOLY, and UNCHASTE. Most of their Literature propagates this HATE. WHY are they still trying to CLAIM and By-gone and HISTORICAL ZION, BABYLON does not exist anymore, why did ey try to make Zion in UGANDA, SOUTH AFRICA, NEW YORK, Lake VICTORIA, ALBERTA, QUEENSLAND, ALEX-ANDRIA, the Common-Wealth was not THEIR wealth but stolen and pirated BOOTY?


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