No. 143 – Children of The World and “Eduardo Galeano: Children of the Days”:

Children of The World and “Eduardo Galeano: Children of the Days”:

Eduardo Galeano writes about Winston Churchill in his entry for January 24, in his book “Children of the Days”:

Churchill was giving his frequent lessons in the Art of War: “I am strongly in favour of using Poisoned Gas against Uncivilized Tribes.  The Moral Effect should be so good…and would spread a lively terror.”

Then he writes of Churchill speaking before The Palestine Royal Commission: “I do not admit that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia…by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade race…has come in and taken their place”.

My (Mubeen Mughal) Keywords and Tags to this blog (journal) entry:


“Eduardo Galeano: Children of the Days”;
“Winston Churchill”
“The Art of War”;
“Poisoned Gas”;
“Chemical and Biological Weapons and Warfare”;
“Weapons of Mass Destruction and Mass Murder”;
“Crimes against Humanity”;
“Uncivilized Tribes”;
“Palestine Royal Commission”;
“Australian Aboriginies”;
“Stock Replacement”;
“The Greatest Race”;
“Higher Grade Race”;
“Third World”;
“Third Class”;
“Colour Bar”;
“Civilizing Father”;
“Common Wealth”;
“Propaganda Machines”;
“Freedom Fighters”;
“Self Rule”;
“Use of Force”;


Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

Friday 26th November 2015



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