No. 142 – Canada’s Syrian refugee plan ‘troubling’ and ZIONISTIC if it excludes unaccompanied men:

Canada’s Zionistic Refugee Plan –

Canada’s Syrian refugee plan ‘troubling’ and ZIONISTIC if it excludes unaccompanied men:

Canada’s ZIONIST foreign policies and local policies are so appalling and so sickening to the non-Jewish and non-Israelite’s, and Canadians appear as Brutes, Barbarians, Buffoons, and Bimbos. The Genocide being carried out on the Arabs is no consolation either, it is as though they are so high on drugs, and hate. It makes Canada look like Caanan, and all the continents at one point as “Stolen Continents” at the grubby hands of the Merchants and Slave Owners (Globalization / Capitalism) and people and families as Commodities or labour or work-force but not Humans with any rights for the rights have been prohibited and REVOKED away by the cunning, scheming, and devilish lawyers and PROHIBITORS and counsel. The authorization and use of torture is so Barbaric, yet it exists and is JUSTIFIED. Now Obama is another puppet and Drone of the Jewish Congress and a shame to Africans, and African American People and the rest of the world because he is advocating unequivocally and AUTHORIZING the SLAUGHTER and MURDER of people so that AMERICA can use it’s MILITARY STOCKS to make room for more productions and MANUFACTURING.

To me these people seem INSANE and INHUMAN and MONSTROUS BUTCHERS parading as EDUCATED leaders while the rest of the world is in siesta, slumber, hibernation, oblivious, terminally ill, or slaving away to pay for the Wars. It will be such a Sad chapter in Human History when people of the likes of Bill Gates, and Donald Trump become the President or Masters or Rulers of The World then Slavery and Mass-Murder and “Consolidated Global Common Assets, Revenue & Wealth” will be at a level hitherto unknown in Human History.

Here, it feels more like being in an annexation of The THIRD REICH, only that the Nazi’s had been exterminated after WWII, so who comprise the NEO-THIRD REICH:

Is it the Natives, Is it the Zionists, Is it the Puppets, Is it the Opportunists, Is it the Human Resources, Is it the PROHIBITORS, Is it the Drones, Is it the Slaves, Is it The Canadian Parliament, Is it The Order of Canada, Is it The NEW WORLD ORDER, Is it the Germans no, Is it the FRENCH perhaps, Is it the INDIANS, Is it the Aryans, Is it the Brahmins, Is it the Americans, Is it the Satanists, Is it The Bros., Is it The Wise Guys, Is it The Rabbis, so just who are the Rabbits that are Causing, and continue to cause all The Trouble?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

24th November 2015
PS: The Zionists have started trying to Usurp (annex) CAANAN as was promised by their God himself in the covenant
2. To give Abraham’s descendants all the land from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates.[Gen 15:18-21] Later, this land came to be referred to as the Promised Land (see map) or the Land of Israel.

3. To make Abraham the father of many nations and of many descendants and give “the whole land of Canaan” to his descendants.[Gen 17:2-9] Circumcision is to be the permanent sign of this everlasting covenant with Abraham and his male descendants and is known as the brit milah.[Gen 17:9-14] from:


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