N0. 139 – YVHOO:


Oh good God, look at the analysts and PROPAGANDISTS trying to turn ISIS and Syria into a Thirty Year VIETNAM INVASION WAR so that all the idle troops, war-craft, bombs, missiles, nukes, munitions and ammunition can be hastily expended, to make room for more manufacturing. I can’t believe this guy Steve Mertle, where is he getting his direction from for his propaganda of justification, this is not his jurisdiction to incite for War. More pawns will be shipped for slaughter and to slaughter others like some religious ritual sacrifice to appease the Devilish Dictators YVHOO.

 It is so appalling and so very shameful that many of you are supporting and calling for mass-butchery and mass-murder and mass-slaughter in the Middle East. Most shameful is that this is Governmental led and Dictated Mass-Murder, it is more of MASS-MADNESS. Some are inciting hatred and murder and many are silent supporters, and even more are conspirators, and participants in the wholesale BUTCHERY Orchestrated by the Cult of the Satanic Conjurors YVHOO!

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

Saturday 21st November 2015


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