No. 138 – Canada’s Patriotic Butchers and Cheer-leaders:

Canada’s Patriotic Butchers and Cheer-leaders:

Canada’s National Defense has only been engaged War Inter-nationally and overseas and off-shore but has a demonstrated and proven track-record of being totally useless in-land and at a National Level. It is fair to award and bestow them with the title of War-Mongers, Butchers, Torturers, Killers, Assassins, Mercenaries, and Hell’s Satanic Angels and their Cheer-Leaders are Canada’s Public and Tax-Payers, Voters, Constituents, Consumers, Investors, Residents, Tourists, and Overseas Citizens.  They are pretending to just wake up as though they have been in slumber all these years.


Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

6.45pm FRIDAY 20th November 2015.


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