No. 132 – Re: Vigil for the Victims of Paris and Beirut Attacks at Hamilton City Hall:

Re: Vigil for the Victims of Paris and Beirut Attacks at Hamilton City Hall:

It is so sad that innocent people were murdered.

It is sadder still that they were murdered to futher the cause of war and to give a carte-blance to the war mongers to bomb more and murder more innocent and more and more children in Syria who had nothing to do with the murders and attacks in Paris.

The war machine is INSANE and is daily murdering people in Europe, Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel, Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq, Kashmir, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Central America. Why are there no vigils then, why are French lives more precious than Arab or Somali, or Iraqi, or Iranian lives, why don’t black lives matter?

There is so much hypocrisy.

The whole event will be a public spectacle and afterwards, everyone will go home, and the pictures will be posted on face-book and appear in the news, and all those present will watch TV to see them selves at the parade, but no one will stop the wars, and the wars will go on, and all those bombs which had been manufactured by Bombardier, and Lockheed, and Martin-Marietta, Dassault, and other Defence manufacturers will be hastily loaded into bombers and dropped on civilian targets and hospitals and more and more innocent people will be terminated with extreme prejudice. There will be a special U. N. session convened, and the attackers denounced, and more pictures will be taken of officials with their reports and statistics and maps.

Why are there No vigils for Syrians, or refugees, or those who have to live in refugee camps?

The non-profit organizations with be awarded more public funds for the next year, and they will not have the decency, ethics or morality to publish their financial statements because certain members are absent from the annual general meetings.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

Wednesday 18th November 2015


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