No. 131 – Crime and the Cover-Up of Crime by Canadian Law Enforcement and Government:

Crime and the Cover-Up of Crime by Canadian Law Enforcement and Government:

Kijiji Hamilton Buyer texts me on “area code 1 678”

I put an ad on Kijiji Hamilton for a used Olympus XA and Canon T90, and some guy from Georgia is texting me to get a bargain and here I am in Hamilton.

The U. S. is full of nuts and is supported by Canadian Law enforcement who help and aid and conspire with those criminal nuts and help cover up their crimes and keep straight faces, and wipe the slate clean for them to perpetrate more crimes and harass and frustrate innocent people.

Canadian Law enforcement is the epitome of hatred, bias, racism, crime, stupidity, ignorance, and lack of competence and lack of accountability and lack of transparency and lack of public oversight!

I have very good reason to suspect and be led to believe that Canadian Police are the very criminals themselves and are protected and aided and further cover-up and given cover by Canadian Public and Government who want free money and other peoples property and lives and livelihood too.

I would not be surprised one bit if, indeed, Canadian Law enforcement was butchering people and destroying the evidence and trail and also audit trail and evidence and record and silencing witnesses and influencing the Judiciary and the public supporting this madness and mis-carraige of justice and celebrating this triumph of injustice and tyranny insanity.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

Tuesday 17th November  2015


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