No. 128 – The Photography of , Documentation of, and Profiteering from Tragedy, Calamity, Victims, and Corpses:

The Photography of , Documentation of, and Profiteering from Tragedy, Calamity, Victims, and Corpses (Concerning SPECTRE OF HOPE and GENESIS):
He (Sebastiao Salgado) is a good photographer (and John Berger a good author) and I like his work very much which I saw in magazines in the 1980’s when I was a teenager and also an enthusiastic beginner photographer. Today, my outlook and world view is very different due to having read many books, and watched many documentaries and having a lifelong interest in photography and photographers. My question is: What can a photographer do? What can Salgado do? He clearly is passionate about his work, but he has become a celebrity, and a spokesperson, and an authority, and is influential, but the reality remains that the photographs which he says are “given to me” are auctioned, published, broadcast, and the people who are the subjects, and objects, and corpses have received nothing in return, and in fact, they are anonymous and nameless content. This whole spectacle is a hypocrisy, and the circus is orchestrated by The Hypocrites who call the shots and draw up the contracts, and give the authorizations and permissions and consider themselves Saints and their behaviour Saintly. They go to the Third World and Developing, and Least Developed Countries (LDC’s), and Primitive Societies and those people end up becoming the subject of Exhibitions, Auctions, Coffee table Books, Talks, Debates, Fund-Raising, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Governmental Organizations Disbursing Public Funds. Do any of this do anything for the victims, and dead, and orphans, and devastated? Or is it all just a Spectacle? Are those people? Are they somebodies or anonymous nobodies?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

Friday 13th November 2015.


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