No. 126 – Flowing Blood and Rivers of Tears in the Middle-East:

Flowing Blood and Rivers of Tears in the Middle-East:
In the Arab world and Consciousness, the Arab Rulers (not the Arab Public) are Tyrants and Despots, and are rich beyond the wildest dreams of most of the rest people in the world, they have lavish Palaces, and enjoy luxury and pomp, and splendour, and many in the public are poor and beggars and peasants, and through the ignorance of religion perpetuate further ignorance to keep themselves in power, Saudi is a classic example, and are intolerant of criticism, and fanatical at exacting revenge and issuing threats. What will the poor blind and zealous followers do? Israel too is a fanatical Regime run by Soldiers and Rabbis and intolerant of the non-believers and steeped in superstition parroted in the schools and daily life and rites and ignorance is perpetuated. So in the whole region, reason is absent, bombs and bullets prevail, and children are taught to recite and practise ignorance and superstition and criticism is literally shot down or nuked or executed or terminated. It is a sad fact that the entire middle east is populated by soldiers and religious and ignorant extremists and fanatics and zealots on both sides and tyrannical and despotic politicians on both sides so that more and more blood is shed and tears flow endlessly, and more and more books are written and documentaries made and pages and pages of analyses and commentaries fill journals and history books, and profiteers profit off the suffering of the victims and common people.  Even the term “Israeli-Arab Conflict” is so loaded for it spells out doom and mutual exclusiveness with no room for inclusion or tolerance or romance.  Collectively, the prophets, scholars, leaders, teachers, politicians, soldiers, rabbis and mullahs are SO inhuman in this region for the proof is in the collective hatred and blood-shed there is no love, no sympathy, no compassion, no tolerance, no romance just death and destruction.  Furthermore, the men all have BEARDS, wear head-gear, and oppress women and children through the scriptures and verses and laws.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

6th November 2015


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