No. 125 – Capital-ISM

I think, Capitalism is The Problem, because Capitalists, Industrialist, and Magnates ‘USE’ and exploit SLAVES to get maximum Return On investment with maximum amounts of profit from the least amount of salaries and wages and benefits and continually show losses whilst expanding already VAST empires and paying No or very little taxes to communities for the exploitation of resources both human, physical, and natural.

The problem of exploitation and inequality is made much worse because entire Governments and Parliaments are habitual and compulsive Liars who defraud the public.
So Capital-ISM is about Capitalizing on the weakness and misfortune of others, and thus is Predatory and those who practice Capitalism are Predators.

Furthermore, Capitalists take POSSESSION and OWNERSHIP of EVERYTHING, including but to limited to: Nations, Cities, People, Flora and Fauna, Hills, Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Fish, Birds, Seeds, flowers and fruits and vegetables and grains, Land, Time, and Spaces, Ideas, and SOULS and even History and not forgetting DESTINIES and HAVE RESERVED ALL RIGHTS TO DO ANYTHING AT ANYTIME TO ANYONE IN ANYWAY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY AMOUNT TO TIME .

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

6th November 2015


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