No. 124 – The Party’s Over, Time for Accountability in CANADA

The Party’s Over, Time for Accountability in CANADA:

“Why is The Police so Hated and Unpopular and Despised and Condemned, is it because they are authoritarian, pompous, blind, deaf, dumb, ignorant, and protecting and serving themselves (self-serving), and not the public and thus have lost the trust and faith of THE PUBLIC and the their communities and constituents?”

“There is 24-7 surveillance in Hamilton and yet they are so blind, and deaf, and dumb, and ignorant, and selfish!”

“Can’t they see these and other condemnatory signs and the writings on the Walls?”

“Perhaps they are seen and perceived to be good-for-nothing Tax and Public -Funds Guzzlers”

And they are welcome to watch:… and see for themselves how much they are loved and respected!

“Brutality by Canadian Police in Full View of the Law and Laws and the World and ‘THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY’, not forgetting the Members of Parliament ”

Canadian Police, Law Enforcement, Justice, Human Rights have all gone hay-wire collectively and HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMAN DIGNITY.


It is my recommendation thatg the Police, and Security, and Intellifgence, and Governmental Officers, Ministers, Judiciary, be required to read and pass a core component of Liberal Arts Courses (say, 25%) as a requirement by an act of parliament, or by staturory requirement (ethically and morally also) before releasing these people into the protection and secrecy of the clandestine Government where no one can ever be held to account for crimes, for mistakes, for errors whether intentional or unintentional (eg. misconduct, negligence, malfeasance, criminal negligence, ignorance), and that they be required to learn the Social Sciences (especially courses in Sociology and Ethics and Accountability and Transparence) to appreciate the Societal Impact of Working foor Dictators in Non-Democratic unaccountable Governments and Bosses who treat the public and tax-payers, and community as worthless nobodies because they feel thay can get away with anytrhing and everything while the public merely just watch on and in fact also act as their cheerleaders on voluntary (unpaid or uncompensated basis).

Also they need to be rerquired to lear and pass couses about Democracy, and Democratic Conduct and responsibility to the Public regardless who makes-out thweir paycheck because government funds do not come from some the Skies or Heavens or Golden-Gooses, the Government appropriates their working funds from THE PUBLIC of yeterday, of today, and of tomorrow. They have No Right to ownership, they are ONLY CUSTODIANS, TRUSTEES, ADMINISTRATORS, MANAGERS etc. They have forgotten and started to believe that the FUNDS and ASSETS that they are CONTROLLING are THEIRS when that IS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH because it is PUBLIC FUNDS AND PUBLIC PROPERTY.

In their exclusive club, they have started believing in their owen lies that they can get away all the time, when they are not supposed to get away even once, and even with a penny!!!

So they Police, and Forces, and Security, and Governemnt, have brought this upon themselves becase they did not tell on one another, they never held thei peers or co-workers, or bosses to account, only the lowly get fired, dismissed, terminated, set-up, etc.

I woould be so ashamed of myself if I was working in The Canadian Government, or Civil Service, or Security, or Police, or Forces, or Intelligence because the collective conduct showesnad indicates a COLLECTIVE and CONCERTED and ORCHESTRATED failure of intelligence, accountability, transparency, democracy. It is so so shameful that there are not enough words in all the dictionaries combined to express outrage at the collective incompetence.

The Blind are foillowing the Blind Blindly. No one asks why ?


It’s time to wake UP, your parties are over!

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

4th November 2015


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