No. 122 – The Pakistani Military, Religion, and the Assassins Creed:

The Pakistani Military, Religion, and the Assassins Creed:

Look what the military and religion has done to Pakistan, they have both taken the Human out of the Pakistani public and transformed them into Soldiers and Mullahs, so sad to hear this music and see the state of affairs now under the Guidance of The Kingdoms in The Isles and in The Arabian Desert, and the Greedy Politicians and Guerrillas in The Concrete Jungles of Washington not forgetting the Pakistani Military Leaders and Retired Generals Themselves who are butchering and tormenting their own people and visitors too to stay in power and enjoy luxury and pomp and lavish lifestyles while the rest of the country are like beggars with no food, or money, or power or voice. None of the beneficiaries would hesitate or think twice about silencing, eliminating. Exterminating, assassinating, or destroying or tormenting anyone, and they can get operatives who will do it for decoration, honour, glory, money, drugs, sex, or ever after high or whatever…while the sheepish public have no friggin’ clue about what is happening, or who is doing it, or how it gets done, they couldn’t care a damn.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

2nd November 2015


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