No. 112 – Oriental Idology and Ideology and Etymology

Judaism = Brahminism/(Hinduism) = Mohammedanism   = Sikhism

Aaron    = Varun        / Arun           = Harun                     = Tarun


Tribes of A-RABI-c

Arabic peoples and Hebraic and Aramaic (A-RAMA-ic) Peoples are ONE under The SUN, and the Sons and Brothers and Sisters of THE PATRIARCHS, yet they are deliberately confused and mis-led to believe that they are VERY different people (and different genus and species) and caused to War amongst themselves and War and be WRATHFUL with others as well.  It has been faithfully documented and recorded in their SCRIPTURES.

See also:

No. 107 – The Scriptures as the Will of the Patriarchs:

“The Scriptures as the Will of the Patriarchs:

This is a very interesting artifact. It would be interesting to know who would have been the sculptor, and who commissioned this work and record, and the date of production. More interesting is the Greeks depicted with Zoroastrianism. “I am of the opinion”, that all of the Middle Eastern beliefs have evolved from Egypt’s Sun God Ra, and even is present in Hinduism, and Ram, and Ra van a, and B-R Ramah (BRAMAH and BRAHAMAN), and this Cult of Purity and Purification journeyed up from East Africa (from Mount Meru) along the Nile and into Europe and Bremen, and then East Ward to the Middle East and to India, and then Across Asia and Finally to Japan. In India the people from Bremen (A RA YA) established Brahminism, and these monks when on to Angkor Wat – Their preferred Colour being RED – Rus Russi Ross. etc. The Monks from India were a Buddhist off-shot of the Original Cult of Purity, and saw the stars (Ast-RA), and sang Hymns of Devotion to their Rulers and Monarchs and Dictators who Dictated the Scripture to the Scribes (Rig Veda and told mythological and legendary tales – RA-MA-YANA). The monks also developed and used Martial Arts and took it with them in their temples along with their Laws decreed by their Law Givers (HAM Ur Rabbi). You see RA BI is a man of God, and In India you have RAVI, and God is Rab. You can see the influence of religion all they way to Japan with CANON, NIKON, MAZDA, Olympus ‘OM” from OM Nama Shiva (‘OM’ the name of Shiva), and also embedded in OMEN. Somehow this Cult also went Westward to Mehico to establish Maya (illusion) Civilization and took with them their knowledge of Stars for MAYA Calendar and and knowledge of Pyramids and knowledge of MASONRY and Architecture for Temples at Chichen Itza. The Statues of Kali Mata sticking out her tongue is No Mere Co-incidence with those in Indian temples in the Indian-Sub-Continent. It is very sad that these Dictators used WAR, and Oppressive Laws, and Slavery,and Forced Labour, and Bondage, and Branded their Slaves (dread-locks, beards, facial marks, nose rings and nose studs, tattoos, castration, genital mutilation- CIRCUMCISION (enforced to THIS day) who were forced to Submit to their Will and Decrees and Proclamations, and Holy ORDERS and to THIS DAY THE IGNORANCE OF THE PRIEST-HOOD is being spread as GOOD NEWS all-over the world from the Pro-PAGAN-DA of Most Holy Fathers and Ambassadors of God’s Furious Sermon’s broadcast from all the Temples in all and Sundry Holy lands and Holy Spots and Sites HEAD-QUARTERED in the Middle East with the Exception of God’s Mission in the Orient in THE VATICAN where HE has CHOSEN and APPOINTED the Popery and PAPAS to enforce his antiquated LAWS and Customs and traditions which even take precedence OVER modern democratic Constitutions and SCIENCE and ENLIGHTENMENT and REASON an little children are made to endlessly recite the propaganda instead of studying Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and everything happening is explained away as Acts of God’s Will.

Further they employ mercenaries, and contractors, and assassins, paid-murderers and even Free-lance Butchers and Flatterers, Hypocrites,  Thieves, Falsifiers, Marauders, Executors, and Executioners, and Panderers and Sundry Sinners, and Hackers and have an Assassin’s Creed, and Secret Societies and Brother-hoods of Good God and are INVISIBLE and UNTOUCHABLE to mere mortals and The General Public and Consumers and Tax-Payers.

Tuesday 6th October 2015″

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton Ontario CANADA

13th October 2015


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