No. 110 – Crimes Against Humanity and the Military Industrial complex and The Silence of The Pan-American Native and Aboriginals.

The Silence of the Pan-American Natives and Aboriginals:

The UN is the War Criminal and supports SATAN and is Financed by The World Bankers (Satanists). And the Pan-American Natives and Aboriginals are blind, and deaf, and dumb to these War-Crimes and Injustices and Crimes against HUMANITY because they profit from War and the Military Industrial Complex.

PS:  Mankind is human, Zombies are Inhuman and can never understand that life is precious that Humans and life is important, that money is not God. Zombies are dead and unconscious to begin with, and they want to end the world and profit from the destruction and construction and rebuilding and want to replace Humans with Zombies and Androids, and Hybrids and Robots and Morons.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Thursday 8th October 2015


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