No. 109 – The Anglican-Catho-Judaic Totalitarian CANADIAN State:

The Anglican-Catho-Judaic Totalitarian CANADIAN State:

The Patriots and Patriarchs will make sure this SURELY happens and the SILENCE of the Pan-American Natives will AID this Travesty and Tragedy and CONVERT Canada to be an Anglican-Catho-Judaic TOTALITARIAN State.

An English Accent signifies Aristocracy and Nobility and Good-BREEDING and good-GROOMING and coming from Fine-STOCK (Live), especially if it is a Liverpuddlian or Cockney Accent!

People have forgotten Canada’s THICK Scottish Accent, thick as Steak and Kidney Pie, the real Scotch Accent of The Real People who ONLY Drink the Finest Scotch. A French Accent on the other hand is so Fashionable and Chic and much preferrable and desirable. S’il vous plait!

Slavic and Eastern-Europen Accents are for the Orientals and Developing Countries and Country-men and Farmers and Communists and Radicals and Rebels who Revel.

Mubeen Mughal

Wednesday 7th October 2015

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA.


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