No. 106 – The Circus of The Most Holy Fathers who Art in Heaven:

The Circus of The Most Holy Fathers who Art in Heaven:

The Niqab, and Hijab, and Chador have no place in Modern Society and Times, just as the Turban, or Dread-Locks or wearing Crucifixes to show religious bondage, subservience, and blind association and blind-fellowship and blind-belief and blind-faith IMPOSED by The Most Holy Patriarchal Fathers Head-Quartered in Mansions, and Temples and Citadels and Forts in The Most Holy Lands in the Solar System AND in The Most Oppressive and Repressive and Backward and CONSERVATIVES societies imaginable and IN EXISTENCE who want to conserve the Heritage of Feudal Societies at Perpetual War so that the Fathers and Priests can give sermons of hope to the Hopeless Victims and Doomed Sinners headed straight to the Hell that they have fabricated and invented.

But to PUNISH observers and followers and Servants of the Rituals, Rites, Customs, Morals, Teachings, Laws, Code of Conduct, Acts, Articles, Holy Law, and Gods Will, and God’s Furious Sermons is The Worst Sin, and Madness and Stupidity and IGNORANCE.

Persecute NOT the Persecuted and Oppressed but the OPPRESSORS, the PERSECUTORS, The INSTITUTIONS, The Teachers, The Indoctrinators, who PERPETUALLY preach and conserve the MADNESS which is man-made RELIGION.

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Monday 5th October, 2015.


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