No. 103 – Traffiking and Slaverey of Humans, particularly Minors

Traffiking and Slaverey of Humans, particularly Minors:


I watched National Geographic’s ‘Photographer’s on Assignment’ which had been aired recently in Ontario, Canada on TVO and watched keenly the coverage of Jodi Cobb and her piece and contribution and expose on Traffiking of Teens, and was disturbed to know that the Arch-traffiker had been jailed and then later skipped.

National Geographic is so powerful, and has been impotent to bring about any changes in Human Traffiking, and the U.N. is even more impotent as are so many NGO’s that are great churners of stories to get more and more funding and more donations, and charity, and advertising but what change does that bring to the Victims, past and present and currently in bondage ?

Law enforcement agencies and officers all over the world read your magazine, and attend traffiking seminars and compile, generate, and publish reports some of which are on the public domain, but how many rings have been broken, how many minors rescued, and how many have profited not only from the exploitation of minors, but from sales of publicity of books, movies, block-busters, interviews etc. Etc.

No one on earth has done anything, not one iota to hinder, break, to apprehend, charge, jail producers, financiers, store-keepers, purveyors, and broad-casters of the cinema of exploitation of minors. Nothing, nothing at all. Lawyers, Law enforcement, Interpol, UNHCR, UNICEF, NGS, DOJ, DOS, none have done anything to Impede this SLAVERY.

I am a big fan of your Magazine, and Society, and the diffusion of knowledge, otherwise.

But it is such a shame that NO ONE has been able to do anything except broad-cast and publicize the pain and suffering and humiliation and torment of the victims, just reports, special reports, and graphs, and colourful charts, and tables, and ratios and endless compilations of statistics and innumerable and numberless numbers…

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