No. 102 – September 11 compared to a Supernova

September 11 compared to a Supernova:

All tragedies are sad, destruction and death is very sad.  ignorance is sadder still.  The dead can never be ressurected or revived or given new life or born-again, they are gone forever.

The Americans have made such a big fuss about September 11, (911)and announced incessantly on 91.1 MHz, yet they are quick to forget that there were only Two buildings, and not entire cities of unsuspecting peoples like those humans at  Hiroshima and Nagasaki or Vietnam, or wherever the American have gone to inflict death, destruction and horror.  Truly the American government and leadership is by demented retards and uneducated ignorant morons who think they are Humans but in fact are Zombies who have been dead for eons and will continue to to dead morons.  They have forgotten the horrors at Guanatanamo Bay, they have forgotten what good deed and works the CIA have done throughout the world. It is such a shame and despicable and only comparable to the psychology of the Living dead ZOMBIES.  THEY ARE A SHAME TO HUMANITY AND UNFIT TO BE CALLED HUMANS.

Of course, September 11 cannot even come near to Genocide and Mass-Murder wherever people (or anyone or any leader or any Nation) have found it their calling to kill entire groups and families and neighbourhoods and communities absolutely without regret, or sadness, or consciousness, Zombies have the same traits and exhibit the same behaviours and do the same wherever they congregate or rise.

In fact ANY death or tragedy to ANYONE is a loss of an entire universe, of wishes, hopes, aspirations, dreams.

ONLY ZOMBIES can be Soldiers and be on payroll (or even to do it for free on a whim because of belief or rage or madness or insanity or UNCONSCIOUSNESS) to KILL Others and Destroy their lives and Towns, and Cities and Countries and Societies and Universes and Reality.


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