No. 96 – The Joke that is The United Nations and The World Bank

he United Nation and ALL it’s Agencies and Agents is SUCH a SICK and TRAGIC joke, they get money from Countries, and IN TURN, the Countries get it from the PEOPLE and CONSUMERS, and what has the UN ever done or HUMANITY, has it ever decreased SUFFERING or is IT, AND “THE WORLD BANK” – The Global USUROR and USURPOR, Propagator of CHRISTIANITY, and WHITENESS, The cause and causator o SUFFERING, MISFORTUNE, and TRAGEDY.  What has UNICEF ever done for CHILDREN, They have done absolutely NOTHING to STOP, HINDER, APPREHEND Those INVOLVED and RESPONSIBLE or The PIMPING and Profiting from Minors, and The GUARDIANS of minor pornography.  These are the real IDIOTS and SCOUNDRELS.  They have done nothing about the Global Drug Trade, They have never stopped the Manufacture, and Sale of Weapons of Mass Suffering and MASS-Destruction, and all their LOYAL and PATRIOTIC BRUTES and BARBARIANS and OPPORTUNISTS do is BLOCK, and BAN people on the INTERNET and DELETE Posts SUCH AS THIS. 

(In the Times of The Refugee Crisis in Supremacist Racist White Christian Europe)

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA


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