No. 94 – Abuse of Authority by The Authors of Authority in Insanity Inc.

No amount of complaining and protesting and journalism and activism can change the sweeping changes and loss of freedoms that are taking place in the regime of the Insane in Insanity Inc. It will get much worse as robotics technology evolves and America turns itself into a senseless and meaningless maximum security prison like Guantanamo, then what will you people do? Who will you write to for help when your communication will be censored and banned, and barred and blocked, what will your leaders do then that they are not doing now? Will some messiah swoop down from the heavens and wave a magic wand and undo what has been done and unchain the chains of barbarity? Will the press and journalists suddenly being freedom and loaves of bread and wine to the people, will the homeless suddenly find homes and food?

Will the dead rise from their graves?

Mubeen Mughal

Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

1st September 2015


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