No. 93 – Exposed: The Genesis of Hatred

Exposed: The Genesis of Hatred, or who is –

protecting and offering sanctuary to the leadership of The Scionists who hate all other mankind and mistreat them like beasts and brutes and mammals and property ? ? ?

Or, The Global Rise of Neo Fascism and Neo Neo-Conservatives and Militarism and Totalitarianism and Neo-Chauvanism and The Rise of the Cult of Purification and The Recruitment and Rise of Mass Murderers through Systematic Global wars and Designed and Planned Conflict and De-Population in All Manner of Guises and the Rise of Eugenics and Genetic Favouratism and Manipulation of DNA and Religious Branding and Indoctrination and Poisoning of Minds and Suppression of Democracy and The Propagation of Darkness and Wickedness protected by LAW and the Institutions of Lies and Trickery and Thuggery and Public Persecution…

It’s the Pimper’s that are in Paradise in The Pentagram and they are the Sponsors of Suffering, Servitude, Bondage, and are fueling Hate, and manufacturing, and selling armament, ammunitions, bombs, missiles, nukes, artillery, choppers, air-craft carriers, nuclear submarines, Brain-washing uneducated ignorant Marines, and greedy Conjurors in Action, and all the bull to make the world a safer place so there are more dead, and more orphans, and more amputees, and more traumatized, and the public worship the devils in disguise who are raised to saint-Hood in their Hoods and Brother-Hoods, and Breathren… You can only blame yourselves for being IGNORAMUSES and victims, and then they have the gall to award nobel peace prizes when there is ENDLESS WAR and BLOOD-SHED, come on wake up …


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