No. 91 – Canadian Prime Minister Harper fines his Critic Can. $ 543/-

Canadian Prime Minister Harper fines his Critic Can. $ 543/-

I can’t believe Harper resorted to fining Can $ 543/- (a legal financial punishment) to someone who exercised his freedom to criticize Harper’s heavy handedness and these are the same people who insult despots and dictators in other countries, and I am most amazed at the Canadian Public for being OBLIVIOUS and BLIND and the ENTIRE PARLIAMENT and ALL PUBLIC SERVICE OFFICERS and the JUDICIAL SYSTEM to allow this stupidity to take place, shame on all of you, and EVERY ONE SCOFFS AND LAUGHS AT THE TRUDEAU AD. IN WHICH TRUDEAU is insulted and belittled and MOCKED and INSULTED by the SILLY paid actors in the Ad. who are supposed to REPRESENT the CANADIAN PUBLIC, what a joke!

I can’t believe that they actually authorized a Fine, and who was the one that DETERMINED the amount, or is it a SET STANDARD fine amount??????????????????????????????????????????????????

The Canadian Legal system is such a JOKE and is SO BIASED AND UNFAIR and the LEARNED JUSTICES are IGNORANT of The Canadian Constitution and Charter of Freedoms, the y are in the Mindset of the Dungeons of Torture, and be-heading, and execution, and death for treason, what a BUNCH OF IDIOTIC LOYAL PAID PATRIOTS AND OPPORTUNISTS!

Harper’s Plumbers are going to want to execute, or terminate, or Crucify for my observation, I would not be surprised one bit, and the oblivious would be incognizant, and Justice would be biased and a mockery of everything that we known or learnt.

WAKE UP FOOLS, how can anyone in their right mind not object to such a travesty
of justice, and democracy and freedom!


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