No. 90 – Investment in “Free-Money” Schemes and Scheming

Investment in “Free-Money” Schemes and Scheming

The Majority OF CANADA’s people Need and WANT “free-money” and Other-Peoples-Property (O. P. P.) AND high-rates of return on Investments and Shares (their shares) for having done absolutely nothing at all, no hard-word, nothing at all except filling forms, and want to amass un-earned income and revenue which is grabbed from unsuspecting peoples by sinister managers using cleverly designed devious schemes and fine-print and devious lawyers who protect the lying scoundrels and the public protects both the ministers, managers, lawyers, and Government Officials and Police who are Blind and comatose and Unconscious and blesses ALL of them to go forth and bring them even higher and higher rates or return in the least possible time for having done absolutely nothing at all but just having sat around all day and wishing for millions and yearning for paradise and sunsets on beaches in The Third World Countries with poor waiters waiting around with food and drink and native music in resort clubs where the devious can resort to more treachery.


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