No. 88 – Parallelism and Supersedence of Religious Law Above, Over, and Beyond National and International Constitutional Law as IT, in the Information Technology and Knowledge based Societies, Communities, and Nations.

Parallelism and Supersedence of Religious Law Above, Over, and Beyond National and International Constitutional Law as IT, in the Information Technology and Knowledge based Societies, Communities, and Nations.

So we have witnessed and continue to witness the Triumphs, Victories, Absolute and Supreme Authority and Final Say of Religious Law in ALL MATTERS and Concerns of ALL Societies and Moral Conduct and Business Law and Commercial Contracts, and Family Law, and International Law, and Law of Torts, and criminal Law, and Penitentiary code of Conduct, and Law of Torture Chambers in Guantanamo and elsewhere Prescribed in Lethal Doses by the Most Holy and Sacred Conjurors and The Covenant with Good God Himself by the Scribes and Administrators of Law and Public Affairs and The Ministries in the Ministries and Temples of Justice.

The faithful are mesmerised and Sing, and Chant, and Dance, and Praise, and Give Offerings, and Make Huge Sacrifices, and Accept with No Recourse or Prejudice the Laws of The Most Holy and Sacred and Learned Fathers Who dwell in the Chambers of Justice and Moral Conduct and Levy Heavy and Punitive Fine and Penalties and Levies and Exact Revenge for Contravention or Disobedience.

This abhorration is active in ALL RELIGIOUS REPUBLICS and NATIONS who are the followers of God’s Code of Conduct and No Trespass is taken Lightly for Severe Punishment is sure to be meted out in great Fury and Wrath for disobedience and Wickedness as Judged by the Most Sacred Conjurors.

Many of these Atrocious Regimes and Nations are clustered in and around The Near and Middle, and Far East , and recently the Laws have been transmitted and Broadcast using Missionaries and The Good News has Now Spread The Darkness To The Americas, particularly to Latin Americans and The Latin-Americas, and also To African Nations and Peoples, and obviously Italy and The Most holdy and Most Sacred Vatican State, and Plans are underway to broadcast the Laws of The Fathers to Extra-Terrestrials Beyond The Solar System for they have been engulfed by Darkness and Ignorance and Require the Light of Knowledge beaming brilliantly from the Beacons of Hope in the various Temples scattered in Sacred Synagogues, Temples, Churches, Monasteries, Forts and Citadels, and Ministries of Hope of the Hopeless and Utterly Useless Sinners who sorely need the revelations and indoctrination and forcible subjugation and finally salvation to avoid eternal damnation in those Nations.

In Order of Importance are the following Religions to be on record for what they have done TO Humanity: Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Bahai’ism, and others for what they have done to not only to humanity, but also to Pets and Livestock, and Animals, and plants, and Foods, and Refreshments and Entertainment and Song and dance and Festivities and have showered Holy-Days for the faithful to pray solemnly and remember and fear the Lords. but the first prize goes to Judaism and Israel because it serves as the role-model for others to emulate and copy laws and books, and judgements, and case-law and obtain a deeper understanding of Control of Masses for Political and Financial advantage and Gain to completely Fill the Coffers as articulated by Hamm-ur-rabbi Himself on His Throne in Meso-Potamia His Laws Are Everlasting  and able to evade the ALL the Constitutions with all the make believe!

Mubeen Mughal

in Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

on this 17th day of August 2015


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